Red Heart


***I am not getting anything from Red Heart for writing this- Sure wish I was though***

I Love me some #RedHeart yarns! I think one of the main reasons is its easy to get from Walmart or Hobby Lobby (which are my two big box yarn stores) and its Cheap!!!! The yarn is very good quality I have even noticed that the cheaper super saver has gotten softer. I still do the softening magic on the super saver though to make it super soft but it really doesn't need it like the old Red Heart super saver does. There are many ways to soften it but I like to fill the sink with warm water and then add some good smelling condition. It softens it and makes it smell yummy so it does double duty.   I also love how there are so many colors and shades of their yarn. 

Speaking of color did you know you can get a Red Heart Catalog with all their yarns and colors! It does not contain the new colors that were released this week but still its nice to have on hand, just go here and download it here.

Also They are offering a Christmas Pattern a day for their Christmas in July Promotion! There are some cute things here I really love the granny tree skirt!!! To check it out click the link below.

That is not all! while you are on their website sign up to win the wreath of the month pack and the Patchwork Monkey Pack! If you win and don't crochet (talking to you family members) then just call me and I will come collect it from you :)

oh follow them on Pinterest So many goddies to drool over!  Happy Yarning  :)