February Crochet Love

OK as you can tell from the previous post I really enjoy this crochet thing. Now lets look at the month of Love.

  This was my first attempt of a bonnet. I made it from 4 granny squares that I joined and then went around the edges with double crochet and a shell stitch on front. The pattern can be found here.

 This little flower will be come part of a headband set I am working on. Do you see my pretty pink/purple hook? Well its a Boye G hook that I clayed. That's right clay.. I love polymer scupley clay. You can do so much with it. This is the kind you bake. You have to clean the hook first, then add the clay and then bake for 30 mins. You can make 3d things or just cover the handle like these. The trick is when you bake the clay ( I use a cookie sheet) lay a layer of aluminum foil, then some poly fill. I put the clay covered hook on the poly fill that is on the foil and then get another piece of foil and make a tent over the hooks. Bake per instructions of the clay...mine was 200 for 30mins. All these hooks are Boye hooks. I know there is a big debate on who's hooks are the best. I actually bought a Susan Bates H and am not to fond of it. I also have some acrylic hooks...which are a size M and N. The Boye metal hooks are B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, N. The Boye metal N is not pictured here case I have not added clay to it yet. I also have two other hooks which are Boye metals that are repeats... I lucked up and got them for free... they were stuck in some yarn from the thrift store.

There is a sweet little girl at church that always has headbands in her hair. This sweet little girl often helps out in the nursery classes when she can. Did I mention she is only like 10? She helped me out one week so I made her this. the flower has a button on the back so if she just wants a plain head band she has one. :) The headband pattern is not mine and it was a free pattern but can not remember where. If I come across it I will come back and post it here. The flower was all my doing. I think in looks pretty cute. They yarn was a boutique yarn called salmon. It is pink with a thread of pinkish color...up close it is amazing.
Update: here is the pattern for the headband. I actually made this while we in the car on the way to Birmingham. http://www.jjcrochet.com/blog/crochet-headband-free-pattern/
 I am sure many of you women out there have a huge brown leather chair in your house that your husband brought in from his bachelor days that you may even dislike to the fullest. Well this beast is mine and it was bought for me by the hubby for a Valentines Present. This chair is awesome! It is wide enough that I can sit "kriss cross apple sauce" yea you moms know what I am talking about. If you have never heard of that it means with your legs crossed/Indian style. I also has high arms which gives support which crochet.


 This was a thrift store find. Has cool prints in it from the 70's