Go on a walk with me.

Today's question: Do you watch podcast?

I love to watch other podcast and watch several. A while back I watched a Ninja Chickens podcast and I guess I got to subscribe to it and then forgot about it. I then had it pop up on suggested things to watch on youtube. I saw that I was very very behind, so as I laid in bed and watched them. I  could not sleep from the massive dose of cortisone I had injected the day before so I just watched.

Maria, the host of Ninja Chickens did a walk through of her land and things she grew. You can watch that here. In her Ravelry group others were posting about their gardens and I thought it would be fun to join in.

So I set out with my phone to record. The problem however was the rain and the fact I am not very coordinated so walking and recording is not the most graceful thing I have ever done. It was a hot mess really so I set of the next day with the same goal in mind lol. I spliced some of the segments together and took some photos of amazing mushrooms growing on our land. I hope you enjoy the little walk with me.