I am Square Crazy

I am what many may call a monogamous knitter/crocheter. I try to have only one of each craft going at a time. Well except for blankets :) Currently I have 4 blankets going. The one above is a crochet Log Cabin Blanket that I am making for my oldest. I am using this pattern from Lion Brand.   As far as knitting blankets I am working on a barn raising quilt, a acrylic sample stitch square blanket and Love of Knitting block blanket.

My acrylic stitch blanket I am using Caron Simply Soft. I was lucky enough to get a lot of it in different colors due the summer for less than $2 a skein. I am using a book called Knit and Purl, The Harmony Guides 250 stitches to Knit. This book is packed with stitches for me to do to grow my skills. For the blocks I am casting on 60 stitches for each square. The square I am working on next is the Loop Stitch which can been seen in the picture with the green yarn above. The loop stitch calls for multiples of 2 + 2. So I am going to use 58 stitches and then a knit on each side. When I get enough squares I will connect them and make a blanket that will survive my children. These are coming out o be about 11 x 11.

For the Barn Raising Quilt Blanket I am using sock yarn that is left over from socks as I knit them. This will obviously be a long term project. I am also using sock yarn that I get a thrift stores and donations... do you have any you want to send? After the bath these are coming out about 7 inches each. If you want to make these squares you can get the book they are in here or you can check with your local library. If they do not have it they can it brought in from another library for you. Notes: Using the Magic Circle Crochet CO 
finishing squares to be blocked to 7 inches

The Love of Knitting Blanket is coming from the Love of Knitting website. Each month they are offering a different pattern for free and suggesting a yarn to use with it. I was ever so lucky to win  a skein of January's yarn Cascade Avalon. I am in love with this yarn and for only $5.99 for a skein its an awesome deal. February's block calls for Lion Brand Heartland. I grabbed a skein in Glacier Bay! 

If you want to see my squares as i complete them you can always find them here on my Ravelry page. I have set a tab up just for squares. Please share links to your blankets you are working on or have made.

Happy Yarning!!

Herimone Heartgoblin

Let me introduce you to Hermione. She is based of a pattern from Stacey Trock called Sparkie The Monster.    The original pattern is a very cute little monster. However for Valentines Day Stacey challenged her Ravelry group to take one of her patterns and use it with her Heart Pattern .  Hermione is what I came up with. I made a few modifications to the Sparkie pattern, created a dress for her and added the heart for her ears and antenna. Bellow I tried to write down with the modifications I had made. I hope they make sense to you and if they do not let me know and I will try to help you out.

~Done in color A
~Extra decrease row on head.
~body extra increase ...
 2sc, sc in the next 9
 2 sc, sc in next 10
sc around 14 rows
decrease till I have same amount of stitches as head

~Did rows 1-2 in color B
*leave out row 3 increase on arms
~SC 6 row in color A
~ row 7 SC 6, DEC, SC x 2, DEC, SC x 6
~row 8 SC x 5, DEC, SC x 2, DEC, SC x 5
row 9 SC around
row 10 SC around
row 11 repeat row 8 but increase
row 12 repeat row 7 but increase
row 13 - 14 SC
row 15 5 SC, Slip ST, CH 1, Turn work, 7 SC , Slip ST

~did rows 1-3 in color B

Dress color C use I Hook
~CH 70.
~HDC around for 2 rounds
round 3 : HDC 6 x then Increase all the way around.....repeat HDC 7 then increase... continue in this manner till it is long as you want it. cut yarn
Belt Used I for heart and held yarn double/ Used H for the Black Belt
Color B make heart for belt. I use the simple heart from littlebirdiesecerts@blogspot.com
Using color D
Crochet on the original chain from the dress I HDC around one time, then found my center front, held the heart there, and HDC there, pulled the loop through the TC of the heart and the HDC the rest of the way around. I then HDC around again one more time. Broke the yarn and started the shirt part of the dress

Ears: Color B
Followed part of pattern for 3d heart from Freshstitches. I did medium heart round 1-4, then 2 rows of sc, then 2tog, SC 2 ...

antenna : Color B used small 3d heart from Freshstitches. when I got to row 12 I switched to color A and SC down and did two row of increases. I also added a pipe cleaner in it.

Why do I even bother....

I finished my Gloves. They were supposed to be knit flat. They were supposed to force me to get better at seaming. Yea well that lasted about 6 rows into the rib and then I was like heck no. So I decided hey I will just knit them in the round after the rib and seam up the rib area. The yarn I am using is a local dyed 100 % wool. It is from Home Place Farms. This is the 2nd time I have used their hand dyed. The first was was with my Honey Cowl. I love this color and base.

 When I finished knitting the first glove it looked nice but a little big. The rib area is not as defined as I had wanted it. You can see it in the picture to the left. I was Ok with it but not in love...

I realized that that pattern was not going to work for me. I love knitting in the round and can do it a lot faster than knitting flat. Here is my easy glove recipe

Cast on 43 stitches with a size US 6 needles, Do a 1 X 1 rib for 2 inches. Change to a US 7 and knit around for 8 rows. Start gusset increases (use stitch markers) Once you have 14 in between stitches, stitches inside the stitch markers put them on waste yarn.  Start knitting the hand. Knit for 5 rows of hand and then use a crochet bind off. Pick up the thumb stitches and I knit around 3-4 rows.. I can not remember lol then did a single crochet bind off.

A little Organization from my BYOB

If you have not figured it out yet I am an FREAK when it comes to organization. I was ecstatic when I came across Namaste during the Christmas Holidays. They are a family grown business that focuses on positive thinking and sharing the love of mankind. 

This is copied straight from their website:
- namaste
When I started my knitting journey I also started learning of ways to store, organize and contain all the things that come with knitting. Towards the end of December I was ever so lucky in that I won a BYOB from Namaste Inc. They held a give away on Facebook and I was actually chosen to win. The prize was a wonderful product they have called the BYOB also known as the Build Your Own Binder.

The BYOB is so beyond awesome! It has a clean slick look, comes in a variety of stunning colors and holds anything and everything. The binder measures in at 13 long x 9 inches wide x 1.5 inches deep and comes with a detachable wristlet. The BYOB is sold for $39.99 and the pages are sold separately. There are 3 different types of pages you can get. I will tell you about each of the page as I show you my BYOB. So lets unzip it and see what the BYOB has to offer.
  I got to choose which color I wanted and I went with the eggplant.  The first picture it the outer front cover. The picture does not show the color well but you will see a better picture of it later in this post. I love the little removable strap it actually is very handy! I love how the front is plain and it just has the Namaste logo on a little piece of the Vegan faux leather. Notice I said Vegan Faux leather!! How awesome is that and it does not feel cheap at all. To me it actually has a little of a leather like feel. There is a nice large zipper that keeps all of your supplies in the binder. There are rings on the zipper pulls making it easy to unzip and you could even clip some of your removable stitch markers there.

 When you open the BYOB on the right side you have one lager mesh zippered pocket. I use mine to hold cable needles, extenders for my needles etc. I then have a Mesh Page. The mesh page features two zippered mesh pockets. Mine house my cables for my interchangeable needle set. The price for the mesh page is $10. Turning the page you can see I have the Interchangeable Page which retails for $15. This is by far my favorite part of this binder. The page consist of 24 slots total, 12 on the front and 12 on the back. The really cool thing about this page is that each slot is reinforced with an elastic strap so your small needles and hooks etc can not slide out!! I have a US 2 in the first slot and despite it being itty bitty it stays in its new home. The last page is the Long Straight Paige. I currently do not have mine in my binder since I am a big magic looper but it would great for DPNS as well. I however do not really have that many DPNs and do not use them often enough to keep them in here. The Long Straight Paige retails for $15 as well.  The back of the binder has the two great mesh zippered pockets like the front right side. Mine holds fixed circular needles. I am actually wanting to order one more page of the Mesh Pocket Paige since I am not currently using my Long Straight Paige To hold more of my fixed circulars since I am more inclined to use circular needles instead of straights or DPN's. The back of the BYOB case has a single zippered pocket. I love that pocket, it holds all my little things like extra end caps for my needles, the little key to tighten my needles and even a few darning needles. The fact that is on the back makes it easy to get to in case of a knitting emergency. You know the ones when you are 30 stitches in and realize your interchangeable needle has started to unscrew and you need to tighten it fast...we have all been there believe me!

If you are really wanting to get organized with your knitting this is the way to go. The BYOB would make a wonderful gift as well and would even be great for Crocheters. I chose the eggplant but if purple does not tickle you fancy then look into Caribbean Blue or the Red. I hope you enjoyed my little review and if you have any questions about my BYOB and would like me to measure anything leave me a comment and I will reply! Thanks for taking the time to read this post and Happy Yarning!

Be sure to check out other great Namaste Inc Product by clicking HERE!!!
You also can read about their amazing company here and follow them on Facebook here. They are always giving away things on their Facebook Page and promoting positive thinking and doing good unto others. Don't forget to tell them I sent you!!