The multi case from Amazon

Of you know me you know I am all about storage. I came across this adorable bird pencil (on the right) case on February 17, 2017 when I got my Prismacolor 132 count set.

Now a year later I was scrolling through instagram and saw it being used as a DPN case! Genius! So naturally I ordered another one. This time I went with the adorable bear print on the left and from a different company. It was also $8 cheaper than my bird one so I was curious to see if there was a difference.

The difference:
The bird case that I can not longer find that exact print is a little better made. the fabric is thicker, it did not have strings that needed to be clipped, it has a little better "stronger" zipper and it opens from the center out.

The Bears is adorable and for the price a great deal. It is a little less in quality and I did have to snip about 6 strings but overall I am very happy with it. The insides open like a book and do not fit in its areas as well as the bird one. I have to pull the zipper are around them.

In conclusion they both make wonderful cases. I love them both and the bird one has hold up for a year without any signs of use.

The Bear one:

 The Bird: