A Review of 365 Trivia Twist Devotions

I had planned for this to go up yesterday but I guess I forgot to hit the submit button. :) 
This review is a little late but you all know how busy life can get. It seems like every day there is a pull to do all the things that add up to what life "requires" opposed to what it needs. As a mom is hard to get all I want to do and what I need to do done daily. I wonder if I am doing enough for my Husband to let him know I appreciate him and love him, am I doing enough for me kids to share them how much they mean to me, am I showing my parents and in laws that we love them and will help them as they journey through the years and most importantly and I doing it all in a way that pleases God and showing his love though my everyday actions? These are things that are running through my mind. I want my kids to see that God should be the center of it all for them and everything else falls in place around him. There are several ways to do this. One of the ways I do it is by having devotion time at dinner. Yes we sat at the table for dinner, we sometimes have one night a week where they can be "free range chickens" and eat in other areas of the house but mostly its at our table. If you have read some of my other post you know we are huge fans of this. We have several kid friendly devotionals that set on the buffet in the kitchen. They are there so the kids can pick one to red from at dinner. We use that time to learn about God, talk as a family and share in each others highs and lows of the day. Is it always pitcher prefect? Why no! Usually there is tea spilled, corn dropped under the table, a unhappy 7 year old about eating a few carrots etc but its still coming together as a family. In our stack of devotionals you will find the 365 Trivia Twist Devotions. This was a book sent to me by B&H Publishing for review and I am so glad they did. The devotional is a paperback book that is a great size. Even though this book is a traditional spine it is easy to lay flat which is so important to me since I like to have it open as we eat so I can read from it and we can discuss it. The font is also a great size that allows me to see it as I am not a spring chicken anymore. Its dated but to be honest we sometimes just open it and see where we land. I love the way the devotional is set up. The book retails for $14.99 and I think for that price you get a lot from it. Anytime you can get your kids talking and learning about God its money well spent. The paper is a nice thickness which leads me to believe this book will handle the messes that await it on the table. As a child from the 80's I feel like when I grew up things were fun. We did things like Mad Libs, Car Tag spotting on trips, Trivia Games and other things that did not always require a battery or electricity. I feel this book brings back some of those nostalgic feelings by the way its set up. The devotions are focused on a fun things that occurs on that day. Which is the average family would enjoy going by the dates on the pages. For instance today is July 30th so the devotion for today starts off with In God We Trust. IT talks about the how the coins in 1864 started carrying the motto "n God We Trust". It uses that to drive the lesson that we should always put God first in all we do. Much like the thing I often wonder am I putting God first in all I do?? There are devotions around movies, fun days like National Ice Cream Day, focuses on modesty, family, friends and pretty much everything. We find it fun and engaging which is what it takes sometimes to get our children redirected away from today's obsessive electronic world. There is also fun tidbits of information like in 1863 Henry Ford the inventor of the Automobile was born and has the versus to drive the focus in Proverbs 3:5. All 4 of us enjoy this devotional . My sons are 7 and 10 and they both choose this one and like I said the hubs and I enjoy the trivia and throwbacks. :) Besides you are looking at less than .04 cents a devotion... who can argue with that! I am wishing you well on this beautiful Tuesday. ~Kim

Rambleings on My Anniversary.

On July 29th 2006 I married Lee. We did not always see eye to eye, in the beginning he was my boss! Our journey began at a magical retail store called Circuit City. CC as we called it was a wonderland of electronics. For all you youngsters Circuit City was very similar to Best Buy but way cooler. The company set in place operations that Best Buy and other stores use. Circuity City really came to be in 1984 when it got is new name Circuit City. It was in the time of Radio Shack and where I went with my dad often in my childhood. I came to CC in 2000 in my college years looking for a part time job. Unknown to me a childhood friend who had moved off not only worked at the one I walked into but was a department manager there as well. He told me to go talk to the store manager and insisted even though I was in some PJ pants and looked like I a hot mess. I was a college kid lol what can I say. The GM Jerry hired me and so begun my CC journey. Lee was an department manager at that time too. I started out as a product specialist over Cd's. Long story short Lee became the store manager and I became the operations manager in a very short time. We never even though about each other in a relationship type of way. However apparently that was not the plan that was set forth for us. It was a dare that got us on a date... a date that would alter our lives forever. We dated for two years and then he proposed... I can not even believe its been 12 years, 5 houses (CC moved us a lot to open stores), 2 kids, tons of video games being played together, many funny laughs over each others craziness and a love and support you only wish for.

Lee is my number one fan and I wan his. He supports my love of crafts, video games, books and whatever else finds its way into my life and I do the same for him. Today we are celebrating by staying at home with out two amazing sons and fur kids. Currently he is adding a plug into a wall that I have been requesting and I am drink hot tea in hopes to soothe a horrible sinus head/earache. I am using this time to celebrate my love with others. I am am crochet some more hats to donate to the local Sav-A-Life Beanies for Babies drive. I had wrote a post regarding it that you can see here. 

The pattern I am using on these little hats can be found here. They are a quick and easy way to use up scraps and to create something to share love. I am using James Brett Marble Chunky. This yarn is leftovers from my mother in law. She uses that yarn to make blankets to give and now I am using the leftovers from her sharing of love to spread love to new little ones.

I hope you are enjoying you July 29th and doing some you love and with ones you love as well. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Yarning!

How do you morning??

I love an easy project to work on while I eat my breakfast and wake up. I always have one mindless knitting project and one mindless crochet one going all the time. I find its easier for me to knit in the movies but a mindless crochet gets me thinking more in the morning. I am currently working on another Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket. Its a free pattern on Ravelry and can be found here. 

The yarn I am using is the Lion Brand Mandala Baby in the Pixie Hollow color. I wanted to try this out and see which I like more Mandala regular or the Baby. Well its the regular version hands down. The difference between the two is the way they are plied. The Baby version is 3 ply tight twist spun yarn. The Regular is more of a single ply which makes if softer. The Baby feels more acrylic despite them both being acrylic. To me the Baby comes in more brighter colors and the Regular is more muted tones. I think they are both great yarns and for the price consider it a wonderful deal. You can check out my project page for this project here. 

Now let's talk about my smoothie! Its so good and very simple to make. 
Ingredients needed:
1 cup of fresh and washed blueberries (from my garden)
1/2 cup of fresh washed strawberries (They have been on sale at Sams for a few weeks now)
1/2 soy milk (I used the unflavored) 
2 small containers of Activia light blueberry can be seen here.

It's so easy, so good for you, and so fast to make. To make it even faster go ahead and wash and cut some strawberries up and keep them in an air tight container in the fridge. I also keep my blueberries wash and in a container. I just grab how many I need throw them in and then add the yogurt and milk. 

I hope you had a wonderful 4th and I wish you the best Friday and weekend. You can see a bit of our fireworks show here as well as the other photos on my Instagram.