Lucky little ME

Some may say I am lucky. I personality do not believe in luck. I do however am extremely lucky when it comes to finding 4 leaf clovers. Actually it is very scary. I can be walking around outside and look down and they sort of jump out at me. I have found 12 within 10 minutes. I tested the luck theory once. Last year around my birthday the hubby and in-laws took me to the casino for the first time. We went to the Pearl river Resort in Alabama. Ok here is a little "truth" moment. I grew up in Alabama and have lived here all my life all except for 2.5 years and never knew we had a casino... Anyways I was pretty excited about the overnight stay. Now before I go future let me just clear up some things..
1. I am NOT a gambler    
2. I often have been referred to as cheap ( I prefer thrifty) 

Lets get back to the story.... don't you just love us southerners and their stories. Anyhow I went in thinking I am going to make some extra money.. I was even given a couple hundred dollars to spend. Guess what happened.... I won.... NOTHING! well actually I would win 20 here and 30 there but kept putting back in that terrible evil robot. Looking back I wish I had kept that money and bought something cool.. but live and learn..

As for my thrifty ways this is a score I made at a local thrift store. (Score= an awesome good deal for pennies) this whole lot of yarn cost me about $14. Yes some of it is ww and red heart itchiness but I wash and dry mine to make it softer. I have actually found a pretty good little routine doing this. I find yarn all the time at local thrift stores and at a few am often referred to as the yarn lady. I bring them home and put them in a pantyhose. I like to use knee highs since you can get a 2pk at Walmart for .97 cents. I tie a knot at the end and toss it in the washes then it goes in the dryer... out comes softer cheap yarn.. its a win win :) 

These two hooks can be found on my Storenvy store. Feel Free to hope over there and buy them.

This cup was bought by my hubby. He knows how I love owls. It had valentine hearts in it..and they were good. The cup now sits by my chair and holds my hooks. It makes me smile.. Owls make me smile :)

So isn't this doll real looking? My grandmother made it for me when I was a little girl. It is a little boy and even has little boy parts. She even painted it. She was such a talented woman. I learned a lot of things from her like how to snap peas, beans, quilt and can veggies. I loved her very much. She was a very feisty woman with lots of Indian blood running through her veins. I am sure as this blog progresses she will come up again. I may even break out some photos and things from my family history.. we are an interesting bunch :) The hat is a baby gift for a lady at church. She is over the babies and my youngest just moved up from her class. I made a magic circle then a flat circle. I then just crochet down the desired length. The Pom Pom was my first Pom Pom ever! I used the Yarnology Pom Pom maker. I bought it last week at HL on sale!! Love it.

These were made for my other grandmother...who just turned 87! She is my moms mom and currently lives with my parents down the road. Yes I said down the road. I am so Blessed To have my in-laws live next door and my parents and grandmother live 15 minutes away. Its so nice having them around so my boys can learn about older times and learn about being a family. I actually made these for Granny BB- that's what I call her- she is always cold and has a sweater on so I whipped these up in a pretty "I Love This Yarn" in Mulberry. These are one of the easiest things to make! First Chain enough to fit around4 fingers. Then slip stitch to make a circle. DC all around 2 rows. Then figure out where you want your thumb. DC to that point then chain enough and skip enough spaces to go around your thumb. Then DC and decrease as you get to your wrist. I then did a couple of rounds of half double crochet.

This is my pride and Joy! Do you see all the pretty colors. These are milk crates that I bought at a local thrift store and painted. I scored the crates for about $1 each! They are now the home of my yarn. Looks like I have a lot but some was given to me and some bought at thrift stores and I do try to get one skein a week from Hobby Lobby with the 40% coupon each week.  If you look at the stuff around the yarn you will see this is located in our Homeschool Room. I actually have a home school blog if you are interested and it can be found under the tab Homeschool blog at the top. I also have a facebook page for the Homeschool Blog and for this Yarn addiction Blog.. 

for you...
It IS 

 Isn't he a cutie. He is the latest hook I made. I love the Smoky Mountains and we often go there for vacations. One reason is we are NOT beach people. I lived on the beach when I graduated from high school for 2 years and hated all the hustle and bustle.... The second reason we travel to the mountains is because my mother in law (the one that lives next door) is from Austria. The mountains remind her of home. We usually take 2-3 trips a year and always stay in the relaxing area of Wears Valley. I covered the main part in yellow and black because bees make honey and bears eat honey...  In the background you can see my Bible THAT I LOVE!! and my Vera Bradley Bible cover. the Bible and cover were a present from my hubby for our 6 year anniversary last year.