One with Nature

The bad thing about living on a lot of land is often we have wild animals and strays that get on the property. We always get the strays out but this guys must have been hurt. I am not sure if it was a fox or small dog...

This is one of the trails along the back of the land. We often see deer back here and leave pears that fall from the trees for them to eat.

The land is surrounded by these old fence post... so pretty
 This is a Female Marbled Orb Weaver Spider
I Love Being up here... This is just steps from my back door.

Here are a few more that I took October of last year... we actually walk around a lot here since there is always something to see and learn about ... 

Birthday gifts from Mom and Dad!

My mommy and daddy got me sock yarn for my birthday. I actually ordered it since I found free shipping coupons etc online :) These are all from knit picks...
From left to right we have the red/aqua - called Crystal Stroll HandPaint, on top of that is the Spooky Felici then the purpleish is  Unicorn Imagination, then Seven Dwarves Imagination and last is Sasquatch Imagination - I have very large feet so I though it would be funny. I wear a woman's size 12 shoe :) hey I am 5'11 so they do not look large on me. I am super excited to get my Honey cowl off my needles and get started on socks!

Alfo the boogying Monster

 Meet Alfo! Isn't he cute? He is a pattern from Stacey Trock. You can see him and my Ravelry project page here along with a link to the pattern.I made his arms and body longer I also Added pipe cleaners to one arm so he can hold it up and dance since he is a boogying Monster :) I also added some detail around his mouth to give him lips. the hardest part was trying to get him to stripe like I wanted and I love how he turned out!

Lovely finds in

It has been a while since I have posted... As for the yarning stuff I have only one FO but several things I have added to my stash. I also realized I never showed what I picked up on my vacation. EEEKKKK I so need to show you because man there are some cool lovely things.As for my FO or finished object I will do another past after this one regarding him since well he deserves his own page :)

First lets look at this I got while in the mountains. I went to the Smoky Mountain Spinnery and got some roving to spin.

This is Lapis Multi Mernio in a blue-green color way. I got a total of 8 oz. I love the hint of other colors hiden amonst the blues and greens.

This is 85% Polworth/ 15% silk it is 4oz of undyed softness

this is 100% Masham/Massam it to is undyed I have never heard of this so that's why I wanted to try it out.

 This is 100% Polworth. it is also 4 oz
Then we have my Tuesday morning haul. I love Tuesday Morning stores espically the one in Tenn that carries awesome yarns. They are Universal Yarn Renew Wool and I got the @ 3.99 each. When I got back home I tried our local store and found the gray or "flint" color.

 Random Things:

our local Alpaca farm had some babies recently... aren't they cute!
my display for my stitch markers I made.


I really need to work on the yarn bomb in my floor ..... But I would rather crochet tonight..

Why do Vacations have to end?

It has almost been 2 weeks since my last post. I have been one busy mom. Since my last post we have had doctors appointment's, vacation, a MOPS meeting, and family drama. I am telling you I so needed that Vacation!
our cabin view.. see the fog.. that is Townsend area it looked like fluffy roving lol
I guess I will tell you a little about our Vacation, it was in the Smoky Mountains. It has to be our 2nd favorite place. The first being our house of course. When we go to the Smokys we always stay in Wears Valley. It is so peaceful there and not to far from the main strip in Pigeon Forge. Now before I show you pictures from my trip let me tell you the stress my hubby put me through right before we left. We were supposed to leave on Thursday but Tuesday after dropping the "kindergartner" off for school I got home and hubby informed me he changed his mind since it was supposed to be raining in Alabama the next few days.. Sounds great huh? Not if you are an OCD, list making, pack the day before planner like myself. I was excited to be going early but had only 2 hours to pack me and the boys! I am proud to say I was able to do it but I so over packed in fear of not having enough lol. The trip was great! I was able to score some Renew Wool from Tuesday Mornings and another ball of the Christmas Sock yarn in Balsam Fir. I also visited the Smoky Mountain Spinnery. I really liked this little shop. It has 3 rooms actually and carries only natural fibers. They have a HUGE selection of roving's. I can not wait to go back and get some more roving.

Now time for the Pictures!!!!
Elvira's on Wear Valley Road
Its all made from Corn Stalks and Hay!!
I have never seen a bus like this it was so super long!
the boys and I decided to take a little Nature Walk.
My Little cuties the "kindergartner" and the "red head"
car knitting...need I say more :)

Oh I almost forgot I have a FO!! I wanted to make a light Shawl to take with me since it was cooler there. I used James C. Brett Marble Chunky in the MC9 colorway. It worked up very fast and you can see my notes on making it here on my Ravelry Project page. I had actually used this yarn before in a hooded scarf project but did not like the yarn for the project .... you can see all that info and pictures here.

This is my current work in progress.. it is still the Poncho. I took this picture this morning. It is about 180 yards of the total 980 yards.... I have a lot more to knit :) It is out of Fibranature Oak in the Thyme colorway. The Pattern is the Easy Folded Poncho from Churchmouse yarns

Glad I was able to catch up with you and share my little vacation with you.... Happy Yarning!