My Dawn in the Forest

Hey guys I hope you have a wonderful Summer. School started back last week and I am late on posting. We have had a very easy going summer despite a constant battle with the heat, wood bees trying to eat my porch and yellow jackets building nest and attacking(see photo of hive I destroyed at the bottom of this post). We (my hubby and I) celebrated our 9 year anniversary. He surprised me with a bag of goodies from my local Yarn store. As for the knitting I was not a Stash Dash Finisher but I got a lot of stash knit it!

Do you ever have those times your doing something and it looks like there maybe a problem but you push through hoping for the best? I had one of those time knitting my Rising Dawn by Stephen West. I thought I had to perfectly matched skeins of yarn. I thought they were both 450 yards..... wrong and wrong. What I had was one skein that was the same color all the way through and one that was more of a gradient and two skeins that were more of 120 grams or so opposed to 100 grams. The result however was a Happy and Exciting beautiful shawl.

Pattern: Rising Dawn by Stephen West
Needle Us 6 4.0mm
Yarn: Some yarn I bought off Ebay
Used 1110.5 yards and 247 grams :)
Started on May 15, 2015 Finished July 11, 2015
KALS: The Bookish Stitcher Podcast and KAL for Bags By Awesome Grannie

~ Pattern gifted to me by the very sweet and kind knitphomaniac13

My notes from the project:
In yellow/black/grey Floral bag with US 5 Nova

7/9 starting binding off.. this may take a while. Also realized skein #2 got darker at the end so there is a slight color change
** Did an additional pattern repeat to use all of skein.
6/1 I still have 71 grams of ball 1 left. I am at to about 315 stitches on the needle.
5/24 completely frogged and starting over. I was at row 63 but do to mistakes on my part the pattern was not popping. I was not seeing it and messing up every other row. Now I see it and the pattern is really shinning through so glad I frogged and redoing it I love it even more. I am back up to a US 6 in the Hiya Hiya Sharps.
5/15/2015 finished row 21. Had to restart went down to a U.S. 5 and then to a nova instead of Marblz needle.

The Cast On was a little awkward for me for some reason. I never did a cast on like that.

WIPS also know as Work In Progress

1.~Pattern: St. Nick to Knit  by Sue McElhany and was published in the Leisure Arts Magazine in December 1988. The Pattern is a Folk Art Santa worked flat the seamed up with a sweater. It is very cute but I am very partial to folk art. Originally I was given a photo copied one from a lady at the library but loved it so much I knew I wanted the actual print, so I was able to find it on Ebay.
~Needle: Us 5 Knitters Pride Dreamz
~Yarn: Berroco Vintage
            5104 Mushroom for the body
            5154 Crimson for a sweater
            5181 Dark Cherry for a Jacket
~Notes/Mods so the first body I made I followed the directions. The 2nd body I modified it to be knit in the round which I am a lot happier with.

~~~I will do a post on the Santas because they deserve their own post!

2.~Pattern: Terauley by Laura Chau for the Knitters Pride KAL I am loving this yarn pattern Combo but have not worked on it much. :/ 
~Needle: US 5
~Yarn: 100% Superwash Merino that I bought from the same ebay dyer as the shawl above
~Mods : none so far.

In the Queue: 
A hat for a friend
a sweater?
another shawl ?

I wanted to share our morning breakfast burrito recipe with you. I heat them in the microwave for 45 secs on one side then flip and then another 45 secs. They are so yummy and so easy to make and freeze by wrapping them in microwavable wax paper then microwaveable cling wrap then stored in freezer Ziploc Baggies in the freezer. You can click the photo to make it bigger.

As always Thank you for Visiting and Happy Yarning!