Tigers and Babies.. OH My!!!

Now that the baby show is over I can share a newborn set I made from a friend... there is not really a pattern so i will share the recipe with you. For the hat I crocheted a 3.75 inch diameter circle before i started just straight crocheting in the round. I switched colors with each round and crocheted over the tails as i went along. I made the length of the hat around 5.8 inches from crown to tip.
The ears I honestly can not remember lol I think i crocheted 6 hdc in a magic loop then did a combo of sl st, sc, dc, trc, dc, sc, sl st. to make it have a flat edge to make it easier to sew on. The eyes I started in black did 7 hdc in a magic loop then used white to do 2hdc in each space. The white cheeks were just your basic circle with increases in white 4 rows. The nose was a luck thing. I crocheted a length i liked the decreased every other row on the 2nd st from the end. The tail I started in black did a magic circle. Then went around in the black for 5 rounds then started alternating colors till the length i liked. The diaper cover I made it with a 12 back and then a rise of around 16 inches. I added two buttons to make it adjustable. I also lined it with fleece to keep the diaper from peeking through the stitches.

The yarn is Tender Touch from Yarn Bee. I used one skein of  Shadow, Apricot, and Fleece. The yarn is super soft and fuzzy and a bulky weight. I can not seeing this being a blanket because baby could get the fuzz  in their mouth but as for hats etc would be soft and super cute for them. You can see the amounts from each on my Ravelry Page. I love this yarn and can see it being used for future baby items.

Hello Friday!!

ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I am so glad it is Friday it has been a long week of a lot of rain and even though more rain is headed this way I still am happy its Friday and the hubby will be home with us...

1. Are you on google + ? I am ...find me here .
2. Whats is your favorite podcast to listen too?? I have several but love listening to new ones..
3. What are you working on this morning?? I am currently working on the Gap-Tastic Cowl. I Cast it on yesterday late evening.
4. Are doing #StashDask2014 and how far are you?? I am on 587.4 miles... but getting there.

Now and little Show and Tell...
I finished another Barn Raising Quilt square. I love this pastel colored yarn but when working with it not so much. It actually gave me a little blister but once it was soaked and blocked it got super soft. It was scraps that was given to me and almost 100 % sure its from Minds Eye. I do not know the colorway so I named it my Easter Square since the colors remind me of Easter.

Next thing I have to show is a baby shower gift for a friend. Since the baby shower is tonight I will do a separate post tomorrow about the set but here is a teaser... She is having their first child and its a BOY!! So send Blessings and Love her way... I am making a set from Yarn Bees Tender Touch... soft yarn but it catches and is a pain.... looks great though lol

Lets add one more but this one a "fun" laughable song... Ok so its laughable but partly true :) I do tend to forget the laundry since I have started knitting and crochet. Have a Wonderful Weekend and Happy Yarning :)

Glassy White Walkers

I love Game of Thrones... it is a very graphic show but I have always been drawn to shows regarding the medieval times. I am love vikings but that is a whole other thing :) In Game of Thrones there are these creatures the White Walkers. they are like a race of humans that have passed/been turned into a icy monster so to speak... I love the blues of the White walkers and the darker lines and I wanted a sock to reflect that... The Knit Picks yarn was perfect...

~~~ I am using the leg chart of the Eisern pattern to represent the lines of the white walkers.. I am also doing a mod on the chart... instead of purls I am doing Knit.

~~Judy's magic cast on 14 stitches
-68 stitches to point under pinky toe. Then dec 4 each side. Knit around, then 32 per needle.
~~knit 6 rows before pattern.
~ knit 1 row after pattern
~~2x1 2 rows

~~ Jennys ST Bind off

Video from TheKnitGirllls ... Picked up stitches, Knit 2 rows picking up 4 stitches on each side on first row.
Dec 2 on each side (total of 4 dec) Knit 1 row then repeat
Dec total of 4
repeat until 24 stitches on each needle then dec 3 rows back to back,  14 close
*whenever I do dec I knit 1 then dec

I love this yarn and very upset Knit Picks is not longer selling the "fun" colors... yarn is Knit Picks Imigination sock Yarn in the "Looking Glass" colorway.

Claude wears Clothes


I love cute little monsters and I love Rebecca Dangers Big Book of Knitted Monsters. Rebecca's patterns are not only well written but the little "stories" of her monsters are cute as well... you will not be sad with this book. I have made a version of Claude which is the big green monster on the back row  of the cover. You can see him here on his Ravelry page. The book retails $18.99 but is on Sale for $15.08. You can grab your own copy of the book here.

I made Claude for my son. He is a Kindergarten graduate this year and I always have called him my little monster. My son however is very opinionated and was determined he could not own a monster without clothes. I explained to him monsters do not need clothes but he was pretty sure he did.... and so he does. I used 3 yarns for Claude. The red is Berroco Vintage 5150 in Berries, the blue is Berroco Vintage 5158 in the Kingsfisher colorway and the multi-colored is Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy yarn. I used the red for his head, feet and hands. The Kingsfisher was used so it looks as though he has on blue pants and the crazy yarn was cut buy colors and then striped to give him a stripped shirt. He is a fun knit and I enjoyed him very much.

My Pattern Notes:
~since he is started for the body I used blue (kingsfisher) until row 15. (body)
~I then figured out my stripe plan per rows (body)
~picked back up with red (berries) for neck and head at row 44. (body)

Legs - used blue (kingsfisher) for pants till row 19 then used red (berries).
Arms striped to match "shirt" till row 35 then used red (berries) for hands.
*** I found it easier to use DPNs for arms and Legs
The Yarn:
I love me some Berroco Vintage! Its soft, its cheap and it has wool... enough said... :)
Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy ~ this yarn is so much fun. I have yet to find two matching skeins but plenty that work well together. It is made from all the mill ends of stonehedge fiber yarns. Its so much fun you should try to find you some.
 I would also suggest getting Rebecca's 50 yards of fun book.... I already have and you will see more projects I do of hers in the future.... Happy Yarning!
(I am not getting anything from Rebecca Danger or her publisher for this post... I do get a little money from Amazon if you make a purchase from the links)