An Owlie For Abby

Cancer is never fun and for children is is down right scary. We have a family that has been stricken with cancer in one form or another. My son attends school with a little girl named Abby. Abby is your normal 7 year old that loves to play softball. On April 30,2014 her life was forever changed. She was diaginosed with acute lymohoblastic leukemia. I wanted to make her a little something to show her she was in our prayers and in our hearts. I found out she likes owls so a owl cap seemed like the perfect fit. For the pattern I used a Crochet Owl Hat  from Sarah Zimmerman.  I did make a few changes on the pattern though so see notes below.


**~Pattern**: I made the childs size but added some more rows to make it longer, it was to short. The eyes I did 2 rounds or the purple and 2 white... The eyes in the pattern are to small for the larger head size. My beak was a CH 7, followed her direction but added an extra Triple crochet at the end then HDC around to make it more uniform.

Red Heart With Love: This yarn has a really nice look to it and is softer than the "I Love This Yarn" It seems to be more of an aran weight than a worsted. It does seem to split a little.

I Love this Yarn: This yarn is a great deal for the price, color and availability to me. Very soft, very durable and no spliting.

Red Heart Solids: this is a new skein and is by far softer than any of my older standard Red Heart skeins..

Rebecca Danger is awesome!

So I have a family member  that raises rare and unique bunnies. I was getting some angora from her but things happened and she is no longer speaking to us (she is my Hubby's half sister). I really really want more angora BTW :) Anyways she has been posting pictures of her little furbabies online and its just making me want one more. I would love to say that my Darling Hubby agrees with the wonderful ideas and gave me the big OK to get one but that would be a huge lie. So whats a girl to do??? Knit a little bunny of course... :)

So here is my bunny...  He is a Bunny nugget from Rebecaa Danger. You can find her pattern here.  I made him from my own handspun. The fiber was from Luthvarian Fiber Arts. She has a shop that can be found here. It was a 1 oz rainbow bat. I spun the bat on my MockingJay Spindle I got from Spinatude another wonderful Etsy shop.

Now for the alterations I made... I knit the bunny like the pattern reads but cast on a few more stitches made my body longer. I then decreased till I had 24 stitches I think.. 8 per ear and then the head. I put the first 8 stitches on waste yarn then sewed up the head then made the first ear. I then picked up the other ear with another circular needle. I did do both of the ears at the same time to ensure they would be even and use as much as my yarn as possible. The tail is also handspun... I wanted to use the last little bit I had so using a large fork I made a pom pom.  The eyes are a little button and the nose is pink handspun that was scraps from another spinning project.

I have another Rebecca Danger project to share with you this week and a review of her book Knitted Monsters. Until then Happy Yarning!

Its a Birthday Celebration!!

All together now :

Happy Birthday to Craftsy
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Craftsy
Happy Birthday to you!!!  lalalala
and many more..........

That is correct Craftsy is having a Birthday Celebration. They are giving out prizes as well so we can celebrate with them as well.

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Now Wheres the Cake??
Happy Yarning :)

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Hitch ~ Designs inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock Films

I have been working on the same project pretty much the entire month of may.. It was however my first time to use nothing but charts. the hat is called Exakta by Stephannie Tallent. It is a pattern from the new Hitch book. It is a wonderful book filled with patterns inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock Films. There is even a matching cowl that can be found on Craftsy called the Exakta Cowl.

The Hat is worked in the round and has a cabled design with windows. Every one of the windows is designed to have a different pattern inside of it. It is actually a very easy pattern to follow. I am an extremely new to cables and the only other cables I have done was on a block from Love of Knitting. I actually show that block in the video bellow. I really enjoy making this hat and can see another one in my future.

The Pattern:
~written by Stephannie Tallent
~completely charted
~involves a lot of cables
~well written
~does have an Errata
~paid for pattern
($6 for the individual pattern or 16.95 for the ebook.)

The Yarn:
~Universal Yarns Renew Wool
~thinner in some places
~contains area of colored yarns in some places
~before wash not close to the skin soft
~really softens up after wash

I love how the designer made the top of the hat. I also love how each window has a different design in it. My had used 7 windows. There are 8 window designs to choose from. If you were to make the larger hat you could use all 8. I also mixed up the order I did my windows in. I did not want 2 similar designs to be side by side.  

Video Notes:
  A homespun House  Please head over there and check out her Podcast :)
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