Be Prepared...

Hi Guys I hope you all had a wonderful month and Mothers Day. Things have been going great here despite a few sickness that came through our house. School is wrapping up for my oldest this week and I have been preparing for my summer knitting. I did a little video to show my WIPS, FOS, NEw to the Stash and talked about a few events. Sit back grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show.

Ummm so half way through the video the sound gets off sorry... I am not sure how to fix that.

FO show:

Golden Slouch
Pattern : Marigold Slouch by Devin Lynch
Yarn: Romney Ridge Farm Yarn Co Worsted in Old Gold colorway
used 169 yards and 78 grams
Needle US 5 3.75 mm

Thoughts: The yarn smells sheepy and wonderful. It is not the softest yarn and is rather stiff. It did soften in the bath. I did not like how it blocked the first time. I wish I had made it longer but hoping the 2nd soak/block makes it fit better. The pattern is an easy to follow great first time cable project. This is a free pattern on Ravelry. Rib section I cast on 96 and did rib for about an inch. Yarn does fade in bath.

Castle Mitts
Pattern: Claire's Castle Mitts by Carol Ruhl
Yarn: Berroco Vintage in the Charcoal colorway. I used 151.9 yards and 70 grams
Thank you AGoodYarn for the pattern you can find her blog here.

Thoughts: I love me some Berroco Vintage! Cast on 48 I did the rib on both sides. around row 46 I began mods.
Row 46 I did pattern row 47
row 48 I did pattern row 46, row 49 rib
row 50 pattern row 48, row 51 rib side K1 p1 m1 k1 pattern p1 m1 p1 k1 increase on the back side. Row 52 do pattern row 46
row 53 rib pattern but increased 1 in purl area. k1 p1 m1 k1 pattern p1 m1 p1 k1 side 2 ribbing
row54 pattern row 48
row 55 rib pattern both sides
row 56 pattern row 46 rib on the back
row 57 k1 p3 k3 m1 {knit front} k3 p2 k3 p2 m1 {pick up front KBL} p3 k1
row 58 k1 p3 m[kbl1 {pu back k in the front} k4 p2 k3 p2 k3 p2 k2 st marker m1 {KBL} k2 p3 k1
row 59 do pattern around put thumb on waste yarn cast on 4 and knit around
~markers go after k2 p4 k3 p3 k1 marker {10 stitches on the waste yarn} cast on 12 knit around pattern
Knit 4 rows around
Dec first K5 set by 1, Decrease next K5 set by 1 back side Decrease K4 by 1 then decrease next k4 by 1
Dec p3 by 1 back side dec first K4 by 1 bind off

Thumb (the 10 stitches on wast yarn)
pick up 27 stitches total
row 1 dec by 2
row 2 dec 4 k4 2tog k4
row 3 k3 2tog around
row4 bind off

***hope those make sense lol I am not a pattern writter :)


Outlander inspired Shawl
Pattern: by Marly Bird
Yarn: Berroco Weekend in the Mouse and Lago colorway

Entrelac Scarf
Pattern by: Allison LoCicero
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite in the 2078 colorway

Dawn in the Forest
Pattern: Rising Dawn by Stephen West
Yarn: 100% SuperWash found on ebay
Thank you Knitphomaniac13 for the pattern! You can find her blog here The ebay page where I got the yarn is here.

Cozy Memories Blanket
Pattern: Mitered Squares
Yarn: scraps of Sock/Fingering weight Yarn

In the Queue:
Wool Ease Hooded Scarf
Grey Bandanna Cowl
Luscious Lace Scarf
Blue Garden Scarf and Gloves
Split Brim Toddler Hat

Whats Happening:
National Knit In Public Day June 13, 2015. I am hosting an event for the locals. Knit with people around the world... :)  #KIP2015
Check out the Knit In Public Website to find an event in your area.

#StashDash2015 hosted by TheKnitGirllls May 22nd - August 14

#AYNKAL hosted by Suburban Stitcher and Stacie from MustStash Yarns
I am using the Rising Dawn Patter for my entry I think.

#bagkal2015-2  hosted by Awesome Grannie Knitting Rising Dawn this KAL ends in July but still 900 yards.

#bspfavcolorkal hosted by The BookishStitcher I am knitting my Entrelac Scarf! Must get it done soon deadline for this KAL is April 1st - MAy 31st

What I am reading ~ The Mortal Instruments book1 by Cassandra Claire

Thanks for reading and Happy Yarning !