The First Shawl

I am super proud of myself!!! I finished my first shawl in 20 days. That is pretty good considering i have two small people running around calling my name every 5 minutes. I LOVE it by the way. I love the yarn which is Plymouth Yarns Mushishi. It is 95% wool 5% silk worsted. There is 491 yards / 250 grams and it is soft and bouncy. I did not have any problems with it splitting. I have already added another skein to my wish list. I used the grape but would love to get my hands on Pomegrante colorway. You can see all my notes on my Ravelry page.

 Here is the finished product. I blocked it so it reaches about 5 feet across. Its worsted but you can see through it a little which is fine I live in Alabama and wanted it to be a little airy. I used LaLa's Simple Shawl pattern with a size 9 Knitters Pride Dreamz needle. I used all but 8 yards.

A Little Break and a Big Mess

I'm back!! lol Wow it has been a busy busy month. I have managed to get quite a few things finished! I also began tackling my spring cleaning and in the process of doing a complete craft room redo!  I have a few pictures to share with you and then the next post I will talk about my new room!!! It is super pretty and full of storage ideas and easy to make things so be sure to check it out.

First FO is my poncho!!! I am super excited to get this off the needles. I started it Sept 24 and finished it Jan 7th. You can see details here along with a link to the pattern. I love it, its light and airy perfect for fall in Alabama. The yarn is soft and has a lovely and soft. The yarn is fibranatura Oak in the colorway thyme.

Next I finished a hat for Halos of Hope. I used Red Hearts With Love in the Aran colorway. I used a free pattern called clusters and shells for the main accent stitch. You can find info here. The stitch is easy to make and I recommend the pattern. I did have issues though when I made it. At first the hat was flaring out so I ripped it back then lost where I was and kind of winged it and that is the result lol. Halos of Hope is a great organization and with several cancer survivors in my family and with some who were not it is an organization I want to support. You can read about Halos of hope by clicking the link...
If you are a knitter or crocheter and want to support Halos by making hats several of the podcast are having a little competition of who can get the most hats. I am siding with #TeamKnitmore. If you want to join team Knitmore then check out the Knitmore Girls.    If you can not get a hat made and I understand life gets busy then you can donate $5. Five dollars does not seem like a lot does it but it is enough to ship 30 hats! That $5 also also counts as a knitted hat for the Knitmore Girls team. You can contact the knitmore girls about how to get that donation to go for their team. Oh I forgot to mention they are giving prizes out, another reason to join team knitmore.

If you do make hats be sure to label them with the type of yarn because some people do have wool allergies, they also ask that you put care instructions on the label. There is a free label you can print off from Knit picks. The label can be found here.

The last thing I have finished was a Barn Raising Square. I used some of the left over yarn from my first pair of socks. The yarn is Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks--North Pole in the Balsam Fir colorway.  The yarn is very pretty but not very soft. I soften it up with a few drops of hair conditioner when I wash it. I knit it to about 6.5 inches then blocked it to 7 inches. I used a crochet bind off to give it a finished edge and it will be easy to connect them later on, you can see the bind off I used here.  If you want to make some Barn Raising Squares and like me had a hard time finding the book that the pattern is in you can call your local library and have them locate it for you in another library. That library will then ship it to yours and you can check it out like normal. Mine got it from a library in Jackson Mississippi!

Well that is all I got for today. I hope to get a few reviews done within the next few weeks, a look into my new craft room and hopefully some new FO's to show you!  Happy Yarning!

Sporting my crochet head warmer
Awesome prize pack I won from Craftsy