Finished the pumpkin

Tour De Fleece 2013

kitties like the new wheel too!
What is Tour De Fleece you may ask? Well it is the Yarnies version of the Tour de France. You can read about it on Ravelry here : It is basically when spinners around the world set goals to spin and share their spun yarns while wining prizes from various groups...needless to say it is oh so fun!!!

This was the first year I participated in it. I was a little late getting started but it doesn't matter. This year I not only got a drop spindle but I also got a spinning wheel. The wheel was actually a present from my parents. It is a Schacht Ladybug. She is very cute with her big red wheel and little lady bug. A cool thing about the Ladybugs is that every wheel has a ladybird placed somewhere on it and that they are all in different places so no two wheels are the same. Mine is on the back panel peeking through the red wheel. I used a pink/red Bamboo Merino mix for my first yarn. I am thinking it was not the best choice since it breaks easily and was somewhat slippery. I did manage to finish the 4oz roving braid. I also started on a 4oz roving of 100 wool in a pumpkin colorway. The first picture is the roving. It is just a bunch of hairs going in one direction, the next picture is it becoming yarn. I was halfway through the 4oz during that picture.

My drop spindle is made from rosewood with a blue inlay. It is from GhstWorks Spindlezz on Etsy. It is about 3oz which is good for making thicker yarns and plying (putting multiple strands of yarn together) I had gotten some free 1oz roving of a bamboo blend when I bought my wheel so I started off with that. I think it turned out very pretty. It only gave me 7 yards but that is enough to make a piece of jewelry. I do not have a picture of it but the picture on the left is the yarn I spun on it. I love the fact the drop spindle is a mobile craft.

Tour De Fleece was also the push I needed to get me knitting. I started an actual project. I am knitting the Honey Cowl by Anna Maria. Even though the pattern calls for one color I am using two. I decided to go with Cascade Yarns 220 Heathers in Burnt Pumpkin.(clicking the link will take you to the color on Amazon) I am also using a local spun/dyed yarn from Yarns by HPF. They are so pretty together. I am really enjoying the process learning as I go.

Now i want to know if you did Tour de Fleece? If so I want to see you yarn or knitting... post a link to your blog or pictures... share your yarnieness :)  Happy Yarning!

Which would you choose?

The Interchangeable Challenge!

I am in the market for a set of interchangeable knitting needles. There are so many out there but there are two brands I have it narrowed down too. I purchased a sampler pack from my local yarn store that contained a Knit Picks Harmony, Nickel, Zephyr and cable. I love how pretty the Harmony needles are the Nickel ones seem really sturdy and the Zephyr are great with darker yarns. The problems I have with them is they are not labeled for size. This to me could get real annoying real fast. I am also interested in the Knitter's Pride. I am hoping to pick up one of those this week so I can get idea what they are all about... Do you have any input you would like to add.... Leave a comment telling me if you have tried any of them and if so how do you feel like them.

I also wanted to share you my current home for my circular needles. These are all fixed needles and I have them sized. They are hanging on binder rings which can be found here. The binder rings are hanging from a wire I have on my wall...its set up like a little clothes line.. hey its a craft/sewing room so it works. I do not have a lot of circular needles I got all these from an ebay lot.
Here are the Dreamz Hooks I am wanting to try.

The Debate!

I have noticed that in the Fiber World there is some cut throat competition. There is the big debate of Susan Bates vs Boye hooks.... Then there is the even bigger debate that is talked about behind Crochet or Knit? Oh my it is crazy! I have heard of loyal yarn stores being slightly rude to the crocheter's out there and I actually got to witness it first hand. I was in a little used book/yarn shop in Tennessee. the store was old and looked it. It was a dismay of books, papers and yarns piled everywhere. When I walked in I was greeted by a little Yorkie that snapped at me then I met the owner. She was older and spinning so lovely yarn, she paused looked up and said "Do you knit" I was like a deer in the headlights... I always buckle under these circumstances. I replied I was getting into knit and enjoyed it  but mostly crocheted at the time... whew She then without moving from her wheel asked me question about where I was from and what I was looking for etc. She seemed ok with me maybe because she had family that lived in the same town as I was in. There was nothing in her store that was priced and I had to dig through yarn on a table to find something that caught my attention. the entire time she was talking she seemed bothered and not excited about me buying from her. When I got back to our hotel room I looked up the reviews on the store and there is was others who were not so trilled by customer service. which brings me to the topic of the day.....

Have you ever been persecuted because you were a knitter or crocheter? Was it in a yarn store? Festival? Whats your local yarn store like?

I also want to add I am Blessed to have two yarn stores within 20-30 minutes of my home that are very nice and helpful to those who Knit and Crochet... I LOVE THEM!!  They are   and

From the Machine

As my love for the Fiber Art grows so does my interest in the tools that will help improve and make me fall in love with yarn even more. I have spent time on Etsy and Pinterest and have seen all the cute little project bags that people are making. Now mine are not as "cool" and do not have the designer fabric as theirs but they do function like the others and mine were free in a sense.

I already owned the fabric, machine, ruler and other needles tools to make them. The only thing I have to do is find the draw string cord. currently I am using a cheap ribbon and it does not do as good. I made three bags, but I plan on making more. The machine I have is the Brother Sq9050 you can find out about it here. I did not pay the 299.99 though mine was cheaper than that. Looking at the bag lets talk sizes. I am getting into Knitting and love it and want something to hold my larger needles and the WIP. So looking at the photo in the top right corner the wavy 70's fabric is my largest bag. It 16x8x8.  You can see in the picture it is lined in brown silky material to keep from anything sticking or snagging. I added one tall pocket to held the needles and a small pocket on the other side to hold stitch markers etc.
Inside the wavy one

 The white with pink flowers in my middle size one. It is also lined in a pink silky fabric. It has one pocket inside. I did the this one last and decided to add a handle since I wanted to give it a try. I love this little bag.. It measures 12x10x5. It along with the wavy bag has a square bottom. They are the hardest to make but not even really hard. I wish I had a pattern but I don't I did manage to find a method that is similar an it can be seen on Youtube. The handle is not on the video neither is the pockets.  :/ Sorry...

Last but not least the floral paisley one. In the top photo it is the one on the far right. It is the easiest to make. Just cut a long rectangle from you fabric then make button holes at all four corners (save room to seam it up) fold, sew up seams and trim...This one is around 11x11. This is the one I will make more of since it is the type I will use more often and are super fast to make. I lined it as well and like the others currently has ribbon draw strings which are not ideal.

Well There are my bags that I made this week. I have also been working on some more donation squares and will be mailing the last one off this week.