I saw a leaf fall, then November was gone.

The weather is a funny thing is Alabama. There was cool days, a few nights of overnight freezes, a week of 70's and now I am sitting here once again with a fire burning. It is mid 40's outside but going to 30's tonight. I have so much to do still before December. I did start to decorate last week, but not the trees yet. I always do the trees the day after black Friday. Did you notice I said TREES as in more than one... try 6! One big one in our living room, a 7 foot in the den, the boys each have their own tree, one in the kitchen and one in my craft room.
The big one in the living room is a funny story. Before we moved here we had a house with a living room with 16 feet ceilings. We also had a 9 foot tree. We paid a lot of money for it and it is breath taking. Now we have 8 feet ceilings, do you see the problem. I was not about to get rid of my tree so we cut the top off of it so it would fit in here. I know what you are thinking crazy rednecks but it actually worked and looks amazing! I will post pictures when I get it up.
Now lets talk crochet and knitting! I have FO's!!
The first one I got done was a crochet blanket. It is for my dad. He has a brown recliner that he sits in all the time and he always a towel on the back of it in case his legs get cold. He never wants a throw since they are too big. I decided to make him a "Chair Blanket". It is 25x35 just big enough to cover his legs when he is reclined. It is made from Red Heart yarns. I used Medium Thyme, Hunter Green (which is an older discontinued color) and Dark Sage. You can see my project page here.

The next one was a gift for my Secret Sister at MOPS. If you are a mom and have a preschooler find a local MOPS group and check it out. I have been going for years and love it. This year we have secret sisters. I got the lovely mug at Target for 3.99. I choose brown and green since it is my secret sisters favorite colors.I used some left over Medium Thyme from the blanket above and some scraps of Vanna's Choice in a light brown that was gifted to me. You can see the project page here.

A few minutes ago I finished my sons Christmas Gift. The "Red Head" is having a Mickey Mouse themed Christmas so I made him a hat. I wished I would have wrote down the pattern but I did not but it is just a basic beanie. I used Red Heart With Love yarn in Holly Berry, Black and Daffodil. I doubled the yarn by pulling from the side and center pull at the same time. I also used a K hook for the main part and an I hook for the ears to make them firm. I Trimmed the bottom of the hat in the yellow and in the buttons. The buttons are from Hobby Lobby and was $1.47 or so. I think it turned out pretty cute :) You can see the project page here.

Wips: I am working on my first sock and still working on my poncho. I will do a separate post for my socks this week. Its been an adventure.

Operation Christmas Child

I love the organization Samaritan's Purse. You can read about it here. They do a shoebox drive every year at this time. The shoe boxes get filled with toys and essentials for kids and then are shipped around the world. We do boxes every year and last year we paid the $7 and had the box tracked. we were able to see the city in which the boxes got delivered. One of ours went to India and the other went to South Africa. It was very exciting! You can read about the boxes here. You can read about what to pack and see our boxes from last year by clicking the following link.
http://lifeonthefarminalabama.blogspot.com/2012/10/operation-christmas-child.html and http://lifeonthefarminalabama.blogspot.com/2012/11/our-shoebox-is-about-to-make-long.html

This year I wanted to added something handmade in our boxes. Our church recently went to Nigeria and the ladies shared the living conditions the locals are living in. In some places the only place to bathe is in the river. The kids have to carry their soap/towel etc with them, so I was thinking I would make a wash cloth that they could keep their soap box in. So I came up with this. This is one the the soap box can go in on its side.

This one is more of a Vertical one. I used one ball off the cotton yellow and white and some left overs of a ball of white cotton. I started off by chaining 3 over the length of the soap box and then SC around till I got the height I wanted. I then Sl St then CH leaving enough room for the button then SL ST the rest of the side. To make the button I CH 4, joined, SC in the loop then increased to the size I needed.

Honey Cowl FO

So I have been working on the Honey Cowl for a while now.  Its not that it has taken me that long to knit its that I am new and made some boo -boos and me being the OCD person that I am could not live with them. For starters lets talk yarn...
For this project I chose Yarns By Homeplace Farms hand dyed and Cascade 220 Heathers in the Burnt Pumpkin. I was super excited to fins a local hand dyed yarn that matched the Cascade Yarn. I wanted to do a striped pattern but knew I wanted a thicker piece in the center. I worked on it for a while and then I did a row backwards.. I thought hey its just one row, it doesn't matter right? Well the row keep jumping out at me and yelling "Hey you look at me look at me. I am your big ugly row." Needless to say i do not take smack from my yarn or projects so I ripped it back to the brown. Seems like a pretty easy fix and whould have been if the stupid thing hadn't come of the needles in my bag. It was such a mess I leterally frogged the while thing and started over on October 11. In the picute you can see the row the sits wrong. :/

So I cast on the 220 yet again. This time I did not mess up. I finished it on the 31st and blocked it that night.. He it is all finished.