I am sure you know what RAK is. If not then let me tell you, it stands for random act of kindness. There are many many different ways to do random acts of kindness. You can buy coffee for a co-worker, buy the meal of the person behind you, even just put 2 dollars towards their bill.

You can even do things that will not cost you a dime. You could smile as someone walks by, open a door for someone... let the mom with the baby go in front of you at the check out line.

You may be asking yourself why do things for others... well its pretty simple to make the world a better place. Its getting rough out there people are forgetting their manners and morals. There is a chance that once you wake, you may not even make it back to your bed by night. I can honestly say I try to do things for others every day. Sometimes it may be goofy little things and they may not even notice but I do and so does God.

~ Last week I mailed out some embroidery floss to a stranger. Apparently they needed it for school use... I don't even really remember I just know I had some and I needed to send it. Today however I was Blessed. I have been feeling under the weather lately and today I finally got to sit down to my computer and there was and email from a lady in Boston. She has seen my post on the RAK group on Ravelry regarding my wish list for the month. I had wished for two patterns. One being the Easy folded Poncho which can be found here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/easy-folded-poncho and a hat pattern by Amy Christoffers which can be found here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mary-anne-hat. I honestly didn't expect to get either one but I did! My giver is from Boston. She is a blogger and a fiber artist.

If you are on Ravelry please swing by join the group and send a random act of kindness to someone, you may be surprised someone may Bless you.
I want to know what/when was the last thing you have done for someone? Did they notice you or the act? Leave me a comment or post on my Facebook wall.... Lets change the world together!

Oh Look at the Baby!

I bet you can not guess what I did today.... I got to visit a local Alpaca Farm! The Blackberry Hill Farm to be exact. I know you are jealous but she will have a shop open in September where you can get roving, Fleece, knitted/crochet goods, yarn and many many more wonderful little cute things.

 I really enjoyed it. I took my mother and youngest along for the adventure. I have always thought Alpacas were pretty animals but up close they are even more eloquent. I wish I got better picture but I can always go back.

We got to feed some of them and even though they seems like big teddy bears they you can run up to and hug they are not. They are VERY gentle though just somewhat skiddish. They did better with my little red head I think because he was more their size. One of them even nudged his head which make him laugh. Mrs. Debra was very excited to talk about her babies and tell me some of the process that gets the fleece from the animals to us spinners/fiber people. It was very interesting to know that she hand picks the veggie matter from the fleece before she enters them to be judged. The wall in the store was lined with ribbons from her little herd and filled with pictures. I had some favorites from her heard. They were all really pretty but I really loved Casper, he has the prettiest eyes. They are white with a blue center and a black line across. They told me usually when they are like that they are death but luckily he was not. I also loved Chocolate Marshmellow... I would love to make a sweater from his pretty dark brown/redish coat. Then I can say I was wearing Chocolate Marshmellow how cool would that be. There was also a female that was black and had some white on her head, she was so pretty. I really would love some of her fleece too. I just found out her name is Sage! Speaking of fleece.... I know they will be selling some of it soon if anyone is interested. The picture bellow is a little something I got when I was there. The White Alpaca looks cute in my yarn room and the smallest is a finger puppet alpaca. I mean really how could I resist.

This is an example of the roving she will have with her at the show in September. She also has set that come with a drop spindle. This was a pretty brownish color but she also has this heather grey that I loved. Such a great color for anything and anyone! I also saw these sweaters she had from Alpaca and cotton that had the cuttiest little designs on them.
If you would like to find out more about her and her farm of woolly babies she can be reached on Facebook by clicking this link: https://www.facebook.com/BlackberryHillAlpacas
Please go to her Facebook Page and like it spread the word and comment on her page I sent you :)

She also can be reached at:
Blackberry Hill Alpacas
6330 Saks Rd
Saks Alabama 36206


I found more pictures I took.

Back to School and a New Washer too.

Its been a while since my last post and to be honest I have been to busy to post. Our oldest started Kindergarten, my washing machine died and we had to get a new one, the carpet cleaner died and the regular vacuum cleaner handle broke. It has been one thing after another. I am STILL working on the Honey Cowl, but mostly I am focusing on Lee's hat. It is the Dave Beanie and the pattern can be found here. I have finished the main portion of the hat and about to start the decreases. I am using Stonehedge Fiber Mill in the  Shepherd's Wool Worsted Black colorway. I had an Oh NO! moment yesterday when I was at the doctors office. I had dropped my stitch marker and did not realize it. I just looked for my orginial tail and followed the stitch up. I am not sure if that was the correct thing to do but oh well. Since my baby has started school I get to work on his TMNT during the day but I have not touched it this week.... I just had not have the time.

I did get some thrift store shopping today though and managed to get a few goodies. I was looking for a big pot to dye fiber in but of course could not find one. I did find a Lovely Vintage Owl candle that I paid .25 and a Vintage Tissue Box tin I also paid .25 for. The tin is in perfect shape and has a cute farm motif .... I love the sheep on the side.  I also got some yarn but I have not washed it yet. Besides thrift store shopping I also got a package in the mail. The hubby claimed a $5 "school" item credit from Amazon and I was able to use it on two books for me. I will share more about the books later. They can however be found on the main blog on the left side along with other "Favs" of mine.


OK let me just say that man has this year flown by. We are in August already and summer is soon coming to an end. To many this is somewhat depressing... However for me I am celebrating! See my oldest who is 5 will be attending Kindergarten this year. We were plan on homeschooling him all his school years but he is one of those children that really thrive in a group. He is a natural leader and almost needs that in his daily routine. He loves being around other kids and I think he will do well. We are lucky to have the school minutes away which makes me feel a little better about sending him out into the world. This week has been a mixture of emotions for me though getting supplies together getting him into the "routine". Tonight we have orientation. I am going to be honest and admit I am getting a little nervous - I am not sure why.

I am still working on my "Honey Cowl". I am also still slowly working on the TMNT for Aiden's birthday. I have decided I will focus on it when he starts back to school that way I do not have to worry about him seeing it. I also CO on the "Dave Beanie"  for my hubby. I did finish the "Woodside Hat" the other day by Lion Brand I did not make it as big as suggested and it fits my son perfectly. I used the Lion Brand Hometown USA in Little Rock Granite. The yarn is super soft but did split easy. I also had a lot of yellow spots that I had to cut out which drives me crazy. I managed to catch them all except for one. I did not see it till I almost finished the hat and it just sits there and laughs at me... The spot does not bother me as much as my seam turned out it is horrendous but the hat still will be loved by my son. The seam does not look that bad when its being worn. Oh i also wanted to mention the fabric from the combo of the yarn and stitches produced a very squishy soft hat that will be very warm when the weather gets cold. See the yellow AHHH.. I tried to pull out the yellow fibers but it did not work.

 I also wanted to share some of the things I have picked up in the last week. I got a Ball of On Your Toes, Encore, a Nova size 8 needle, 5 balls of  Fibranatura Oak which I plan on making a shawlette with. I also picked up a ball of  Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks in the North Pole color. I want to make me a pair of cute winter socks from it.

 I have also been busy making project bags. The three laying down are drawstring bags. They are basic but some of my favorite. All of my bags have pockets in them. The ant print is the only Japanese knot bag I made. The pattern can be found here. The other bags are a combination of pattern/videos I have seen on YouTube and the web that I have "redone" to fit what I needed.

Our Koda boy got a haircut!


I am not sure if you heard and maybe you don't even care but I am going to tell you anyways... I LOVE my god. He is an amazing God! I also LOVE he made me a mom and he has blessed me to have my mom close by. So last year I had heard about DOTMOM its a Bible conference with some of my favorite authors. You get freebies, there is shopping, there are Bible studies, it is a mini vacation for women and more importantly other women who have the same beliefs as I do. In Ephesians 4:3 and Ephesians 4:13  it talks abut the "Unity of Spirit" and the "Unity of Faith" I will get that there.. I am so excited! It also happens that the event falls on my mothers birthday...which means road trip and mom and daughter get away. Is there really any present that can be better? I do not think so.

This year it is in Chattanooga Tennessee which is only a two hour car ride for us. It will be September the 20th and 21st. I am going to miss my hubby and babies and will dread seeing the shape of the house when I return. I know you are thinking its just over night but if you ever met my boys then you would understand. They are extra cute which is great since I think God did that as their defence mechanism. I mean really its hard to get on to two cute little boys :)

Some of the people I am excited to see are Angela Thomas and Vicki Courtney. Angela has written some of the best Bible Studies. We did her Brave study at the first of the year in our small group at church. We are also planning on doing her Stronger study in September (it just came out). Vicki Courtney has some awesome studies too. I am not doing the study but am ready her book "Conversations must have with your Son"

If you are interested in attending tickets have to be bought by August 28th. You also need to get on the ball about getting a hotel room close by. We are not staying at the hotel by the conference but one 2 blocks away which is not bad. Also please leave me a comment if you are attending I would love to meet you! Maybe we can even share works in progress cause you know every true yarnie never leaves home without a project :)

Happy Yarning :)

I have a finished Project!

This is the woodside Hat from Lion Brand. You can find the pattern here.

My thoughts on the pattern : it was easy to do :) with is a plus especially  when you are a newbie like me.... however when it came time to sew it together I was little confused on how to do the very top...maybe I missed a decrease or something. I used a slip stitch crochet style to seam it together... I am not please with the seam but It is not that bad in person. I did not make mine as long as it suggested since it seemed at the time it would be to long... I was wrong. It is now about an inch short so it will go to my son instead of my hubby.

here is a WIP picture  http://instagram.com/p/ckBnTLnydp/

Over all I am happy I pushed myself to knit. Learning to crochet months ago really opened a new world to me. I now understand the trill of hand painted yarns and why the yarn isle is always empty at Hobby Lobby.

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