Finished Objects Parade On

 Parade on Little Sheep Parade On...

I was a busy girl last month. This month not so much. I love spring don't get me wrong I love seeing all the birds again and all the pretty flowers. However, with all the comes my arch Nemesis "Pollen". Pollen is my Kryptonite. IT can take me down fast. I have been nothing but watery red eyes, snotty nose and that dry cough that makes you sound like a dying seal. Since my last post I have finished some objects.

First I finished another square from the Harmony Knit and Purl book. I talked about the book before. It is filled with stitches to learn and increase your knitting knowledge. This time I used the Loop Pattern. It is very similar to the free Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh  that I made a while back. I used the Caron Simply Soft yarn in the Pistachio color way.  You can see my review on this yarn and more thoughts on this book here.

I also completed the Love of Knitting February Square made from Lion Brands Heartland yarn. I used the Glacier Bay color way. I really like this yarn... it has a two tonal color and is very pretty. I even bought it in Joshua Tree for a project down the road. The skeins are aran weight and with 251 yards and 142 grams there is plenty for a nice size project. My square measures in at 14 x 14 and on took 96 yards and 46 grams leaving plenty for something else. The yarn has a nice bounce and is really soft. I can definitely see more of this yarn in future projects. 

I also made another Barn Raising Square from some scraps. The yarn was a club colorway called September 2012 from Mind's Eye Yarns. She is an indie dyer that does amazing work! I am sad to say however she has closed her shop and dying business last year... I was lucky enough to have gotten some scraps of her yarns on a destash for Barn Raising Squares... 
I also completed a donation hat for Halos of Hope again. This was my 2nd time to donate to them. You can see the first set I donated here along with the link to the pattern I used. This time I was inspired by a hat from Laura Brown called the spring chicken hat. This is a cute free pattern found on Ravelry. I added a Pom Pom on top and since Halos was collecting hats in a Safari Theme I choose the Violet - Backed Starling as my inspiration. I used Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn in Mulberry and some scraps for the eyes and beak. I was able to drop off my hat at Stitches South in Atlanta.

My current WIP is a Hat from the Hitch book. Knits inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock Films. You will see more of this on my next post. 

Rainy Mondays...

Rain Rain Rain..... This is the view from my craft room window. Its not very pretty since the back area is under construction... we had to cut out the bank when we moved here and plan on digging out that ditch, laying rocks and having a dry stream. That way when its dry it will look pretty and when there is rain it will be pretty as well... we are also wanting to do some pavestone and put my antique patio set on it.

This weekend was a blast! We had Stitches here in the south. It was my first stitches and was somewhat over whelming. I did not look at all the booths as much as I wanted to. I did however get A LOT of yarn lol. I will show some pictures later on and do some enabling for you.  I drove some of the sweet ladies from the guild and I think they had a blast as well. I felt like momma hen though constantly counting heads and trying to keep up with them.

Today I am starting a zippered project bag... have I never done a zipper in a bag .... nope but seems like a good day to learn.  I am calling on a pattern from Simplicity Crafts (#9949) to help and good ole Craftsy! There is a FREE Mastering Zipper Class and there are TWO FREE bag classes. Bag Making Basics which covers a drawstring and bucket bag Bag Making Basics which covers a reversible tote and zipper pouch.
its not perfect and a little uneven but I love it :)
I added a handle

If you have not signed up with craftsy you really should! Its free and you can learn sooooo much!

Happy Yarning!

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A better view of my room

I thought I would make a quick video of my craft room. I love all my storage and wanted to share some of my "cheap ideas" 
Since the video I have moved the Circuit machine and taken some of the yarn from the Owl Chest and put it on the bookcases. I put a little glimpse of inside the chest bellow. The nicers yarns are on bottom of the chest and you can not really see them in the photo sorry... However all of my stash, books, magazines etc are on my Ravelry page and it is up to date.... cause that's how I roll :)