Sneak Peak

Tomorrow is the last day of the month, can you believe that? I sure can't! I have got a lot planned for the weekend already. I decided to share a little of it with you.

 I am planning on going to Church Sunday... This is very important to me but have not been in almost a month. Either myself or one of the boys have been sick or we have had a pet die the day before. Five pets we have lost within a month.

I also plan on rereading the Friday Night Knitting Club. I read it once but at the time was not a yarnie. This time around it means so much more after experiencing the love and friendships I have created sharing my love of yarn, crochet and knitting with others. I am reading it and can picture myself standing there in the yarn shop. I see the yarn scattered throughout the store and hear the ladies joined together sitting at the table discussing their wips. I feel closer to the characters and can visualize their projects as I read about their lives. 

I am also still working on my curtain. I decided to redo the center and make it more of a puff flower than had planned. I have also been indulging on a little 80's throwback movie week/weekend. It all started with watching the Labyrinth with the boys...then the Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story and Neverending Story two. Its going to be a great weekend and one that I am super excited about :) Whats in store in your plans???

A Little Catch Up

I have not posted in a while. I deleted my previous post because honestly it made me cry each time I saw it. I have finished some projects since the last post. The scarf below is wonderful. It is from Melissa Grice.

You can find it
I used a soft yarn called Marble chunky by James C Brett ... as much as I love this yarn and all its softness it was not the best for this project. I will probably remake this one day but use I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby... it seems to hold is shape more.  I did not make the ears for the simple fact I know this yarn could not stand up like they should.

 I have also been working on a curtain for my kitchen. We have this huge half circle window above the sink and as much as I love looking out of it the amount of sun that pours in from it heats up the kitchen. I want some to cover the top part and filter some of the sun allowing light to come in yet keeping the kitchen a lot cooler.I will be posting some more pictures on this blogs Facebook page Monday. Once I get it completed I will do a How to. Its a learning process... :)

I also have been making more cat toys below is one of the mice I made. I did not have a pattern for it and surprised it came out as good as it did, I used Red Heart Yarn Super Saver Cameo in Dress Blues. The owl bag is something I cam up using Red Heart Yarn as well. I used Red Heart Chocolate for the body with a combination waffle stitch, DC, SC, and Slip stitches. This is my pattern and sad to say I have not written it down yet... I was just playing around and made it. I am trying to win the Red heart Yarn giveaway. You can see my entry and vote on it here.....

I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Weekend!!

Oh No I forgot to share

The other day I got to get out of the house and have a little shopping trip. I did not have a lot of money but that did not stop me from buying some lovely things.

Vintage Tins and a Tin tray. 

Love them the kitty one hold stitch markers, the big on just sits on a shelf and the Duck tray is the home of a yummy pumpkin soy candle in the crafts room.. All together I spent $1.

My Local Yarn store had a winter clearance sale. The wools were 40% off. I spent under $30 for all if it..

Busy Busy Week!

This have been busy here this week and I am not sure why. You ever have those weeks when you really don not get anything done but you seemed rushed all week? I think it all started Monday sitting in the Honda dealership get my 25,000 check up on my Odyssey. I did manage to finish this little cutie while I was there. This is not my pattern but a freebie I found on the web. I was pretty easy to do and looks cute. You can find the pattern at CuteandKaboodle.


I also turned all those puff flowers into a wreath. I took this picture for a yarn boom that is going on around the world. A fellow crocheter lost her beautiful daughter last year and crocheters across the world are yarn
booming things and sending pictures to her in honor or her little Angel. Be sure to keep an eye out for the #BrynsLoveBomb photos on instagram. You can follow my instagram feed by clicking on the camera icon on the left of this blog :)

I also wanted to share my little knitting progress... I know its not much but I am proud of myself lol. I also wanted to share my hat photo displays. these are Styrofoam balls covered in paper mache and then covered in Mod Podge. I then used wooden dowels and a base to give different heights.

Put some green in your Day

I love my boys but man it is hard to tell them NO! They love watching me make things but everything on my hook they want to keep. I try to make them something each month but since I am still new It takes me longer to make things. I am getting faster though! This hat I made for my smallest took about a day and a half. That includes, meals, playing with the boys, home school and everything that causes me to put it down. I used one of my cute hat displays. I will show those to you in a later post. I used "I love this Yarn" from hobby Lobby. I made it a little larger so it will fit him this fall/winter and still have to give it eyes like bubba's. I was happy how it turned out though I have figured out the no seam thing :) The only thing I do not like is it looks more like cameo than I wanted. Yes we live in the south and Cameo is a popular pattern but none of us in the family hunt. I also love the green color, it reminds me of the pines that surround our house. The brown is in the trunks and dirt .... maybe since we love the outdoors so much it is a fitting pattern for my little outdoor loving guy.

Another green we love is Asparagus. We had bought some it Publix last week and I was tired of cooking it the same way so I was in search of a new way. I decided to look in some of my cookbooks. The problem with me is I am a Bee like discussed before in a post regarding blog week. I looked at my cookbook book case in the kitchen and became aware of all the stuff that had made it its home. There was cookbooks, food magazines, clippings, print outs, candles and even my Yorke's little Bo - Bo teddy bear. An hour later I managed to go through everything and make it nice and neat again...I did however find a new way to make the asparagus. I wanted to share it with you since it is so good!

Roasted Asparagus:
1-2 lbs asparagus
olive oil 3 tbs
2 tbs garlic
salt/pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 450. Lay a sheet of nonstick aluminum foil on a baking pan. Wash and cut the hard ends from your asparagus. Toss the Asparagus in the olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper. Lay flat on baking sheet. Place in oven for 10 mins.... flip them put them back in for another 5 mins or so... and man enjoy some yummy goodness.

3 More things to share:
 I got my knitting needles in the mail! I ordered a lot on facebook... There was a total of 69 for 24.00 and that's with shipping. Some we multiples but I figure I would have back ups if one gets bent or lost :) I even got several circular ones.. I put them some where else in baggies.

I also finished a cute little girls hat for my Storenvy shop.  I think it turned out rather cute. The yellow yarn is vintage Red Heart Baby Yarn. the purple was up-cycled from a doll caplet and the green was up-cycled from a scraps... both vintage yarns as well. I love giving things new life.