What's up with the bags?

I love the world of knitting and crochet but with comes a world of notions. How's a crafter supposed to carry all they stuff around. Well I am not sure what the perfect solution would be for you but I can show you what works for me. These are my own opinions, I am not making anything from the companies... or in no way affiliated with them. 

In a nutshell my projects live in their own bag and then get put in a purse of tote for travel, each of the totes have their own notions pouch for on the go emergencies. So let's take a moment to look at some of the bags I use and you may see something that might work for you. If you use a different method please leave a comment as it may help someone else. 

A project bag defined by me is a bag used to carry projects. In my individual project bags you will find the yarn for the project, a DPN cozy if I have one that matches the bag, the pattern if it is printed, needles or hook, a little thing of stitch markers, the band from the skein (in case someone says hey what yarn is that?) and usually a little lotion bar from one of my favorite shops. (will list those at the end) Project Bags I use are either bought by me or made by me. For socks I like a simple draw string small bag or a small zippered bag. These are examples of some. Also let me go ahead and say I have an addiction to fabric and much as I do yarn. I buy fabric that speaks to me and I will sew a bag from it but I also love supporting indie bag makers just like I do indie yarn dyers. So if you know of a bag maker I need to check out please let me know!

The Smaller Bags: (see the photo below this section)
These are my go to for socks, ornaments, squares etc.

1.The "Sheeple" bag is from Erin Lane Bags. It is just her basic small project bag and lined with muslin like fabric, not stiff and no handle. You can see them here: www.erinlanebags.com/collections/small-project-bag

2.The Fox and Raccoons bag is a small sock bag I made. It is lined with alternate fabric, pocket, not stiff, flat bottom and has a handle. 

3.The Christmas one was a kit put out last year with Must Stash Yarn and Suburban Stitcher. It is a zippered bag, lined with alternate fabric, stiffer bag, flat bottom and no handle.  

Medium/large bags (see the photo below this section)
I use these for hats, shawls, sweaters, stuffies and anything else that finds its way on my hook and needles. 

1.The yellow Flower is from EweSewanSew. It is a zippered bag, stiff, is lined with alternate fabric, came with a zipper pull and flat bottom. https://ewesewansew.com/

2.large zippered Pumpkin with top hats bag made by me. It is zippered, handle, alternate fabric lining, pocket and flat bottom. 

3.Large Swan bag from Bags By Awesome Grannie. I LOVE her bags! zippered, handle, alternate fabric inside, flat bottom and I love how she adds a zipper pull with each order. 

4.Chicken Boots Double Double. This bag has a window so you can see what is inside, no interior fabric, stiff where the window is, drawstring that acts as its handle and a pocket. I own two of these and I want a lot more! www.chickenbootsusa.com/collections/project-bags/products/copy-of-double-double

5.Sweater bags: The camper one I made. It has interior fabric, a pocket, zipper and a handle. There are Etsy shops that do sweater bags and they are prefect for holding all the sweater yarn plus the wip!
Big camper bag by me, swan Bags by Awesome Grannie, Yellow flowers by EewSewanSew
The pumpkin is by me and the front is a Chicken Boots Double Double. 
Notions: (see the photo below this section)
So what is in my notions case? Hiya Hiya snips, a crochet hook in a small size and a medium for picking up stitches, removable stitch markers, ring stitch markers, a little ruler, a pencil, a few post it notes, a glasses/screen cleaning wipe, and usually a lotion bar. 
~~~Lotion bars I use are from The Noteable Gnome, Lo-Lo Bars, and Lavishea .~~~

1. The ones that stay in my main bags are the Chicken boots Notions Case. I buy these whenever they are on sale. Jimmy Beans often has them on sale for around $11. I have 4 one that stays in my Black Vera Bradley Trimmed Tote (this is my usual every day bag), One stays in my "dressy purse", One stays in my bigger Vera Bradley tote that can hold a lot of individual project bags. The last one is in the car. I love these because they are slim and can hold the essentials but also have a window so you can see what is in there. 


2. Small notions from Bags By Awesome Grannie/ Namaste Inc. These are small zippered bags that can hold a little bit more than the notions case from Chicken boots. Link above under medium/large bags.

3. Hard case from either craft department or fishing department (they tend to be cheaper in the fishing department.) I just hold extra stitch markers in theses and it sits on the table next to me in the living room so I always have access to markers. 

4. Erin Lane knitpack notions case. www.erinlanebags.com/collections/knitpack-notions These are nice but the magnetic catches on to other things in my bag. :/ It has two small zippered areas that have a window. Link above under small bags

5.Vera Bradley makeup bag... yep this is my crochet hook and notion thing that can easily be thrown in my everyday bag. You can view them by clicking here.  These often go on sale for around $12... a bargain! 

The pink in the back is the Vera Bradley make up, the Racoon is a Bags by Awesome Grannie, the owl is a Namaste.
The front row:  Chicken boots Notions case, the plastic case from the fishing or craft department and the sheep is Erin Lane. 

Totes/ Everyday Bag: (see the photo below this section:
Some of these bags are no longer made but still can be found on the internet. The Namaste Bags can be found here: www.fabulousyarn.com/namaste
I love these basket for when I am crocheting and working with the acrylic skeins like I Love This Yarn. It can handle several. The big round African Market hold my cozy memories blanket only and yarn for it and the shorter oval basket hold some journaling and color supplies.

1. The Vera Bradley Trimmed Tote. This is my go to every day purse. I has pockets on the inside and big enough to throw a large project bag in, hold my wallet, notions, case plus all the other things.. I bought mine when it was on sale and mine is all black although as soon as I get another coupon I may order me a new one in a pretty print. As you can see in the photo below my Vera holds a rather larger project bag, notions pouch, my planner/wallet and much more. This is also the Black Vera you will see below in other photos.


This Favorite bag of mine has changed!! Now This Tote no longer has the stiff bottom. I am not sure how I feel about that.... I have to used one yet so I can not say I would still love it. 

2. The Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote. When we travel or if I am going to knit group that will be longer than usual I usually take this bag. she is pretty and huge. I can get multiple bags in her and still have room. She has pockets and is wonderful. This too can be found for more than half off if you shop around. www.verabradley.com/us/product/Get-Carried-Away-Tote/Lilac-Medallion/15673-15673I51?Ntt=VB-PDP-BAGS-TOTE-BAGS-PDP-VB

3. Jordana Paige Bags: Jordana Paige was a bag maker that combined the need for a functional knitting bag and an attractive purse all in one. These bags have sections so your yarn and project can be kept separate from the other things in your bag. http://www.fabulousyarn.com/namaste.shtml I own several of her bags: The Rios (purple), The LJ Kaelms(teal) and the Cora(grey).  

4. Namaste Inc Bags. Namaste made wonderful bags and were often at the Stitches Shows before they sold their business. I own the Monroe(teal), Harlow(brown) and two of their BYOB cases. the bags also have divided areas for your project and other things.  I have done reviews on these that can be found here:

The BYOB Needle Case: http://yarning4asmile.blogspot.com/2014/02/a-little-organization-from-my-byob.html
The Harlow Bag: http://yarning4asmile.blogspot.com/2014/10/namaste-harlow.html

5. The canvas tote from Hobby Lobby with all of my knitting/podcast buttons. This is just a canvas tote but great for throwing your project bags in to take with you to knit/crochet group. As you can see I use mine to hold all my yarn life buttons. :) 

The one to the left is the Vera Get Carried Away Tote, the black on the Vera Trimmed and the canvas is from Hobby Lobby. 
These are all Jordana Paige: The Teal LJ Kaelms, The purple the Rio and the grey Cora.
The Namaste Bags: The top tel is Monroe and the Brown is the Harlow

Baskets also make great project carries. There are many wonderful basket geared to our world. Lantern Moon makes the semi collapsible basket that is great for storage and travel and African Market Baskets have stunning basket that can be found at some LYS and Fiber shows. 
Lantern Moon: http://www.lanternmoon.com/Fiber-Basketry_c_29.html
African Market Basket: http://www.africanmarketbaskets.com/
To the Left is an African Market and to the right is the Lantern Moon
These are African Market Baskets
 I would love to hear how you wrangle your knitting and crochet projects! Thank you for reading and Happy yarning!