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Christmas Crochet for the Hearth, Home and Tree

I get a tad bit excited with Fall rolls around. There is something about the cooler weather that wakes me up and gets me in this relaxed state. As we all know with the Fall comes the "Fun Holidays". We have Halloween here in October which is OK but then in November we get Thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what we all have and not just the stuff in our life. The First of November also begins the time I start the real decorating! We have a lot of Halloween decor but it does nothing for me. Its when I take that down and starting putting things up like me Granny's glass turkey or the little Thanksgiving people that it sinks in that Christmas is around the corner. Last year was the first time I put up Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving. It started because we had a vacation planed after the Thanksgiving weekend and I knew getting things up would be rushed. I was so glad I got everything up and we were really able to enjoy it. This year as soon as the Halloween came down Thanksgiving and Christmas started going up. My boys are 100% on board with my decorating frenzy. They have even been asking what I was going to make for them.

Well now that you know why you are about to see a tree behind me in my review lets talk Edie. Edie can be found here on Facebook. Here on Ravelry   Her website here .  I have known about Edie since I first began my fiber journey.  Her books were the first I ordered and brought home with me. She has written several and each book teaches something new.  So I hope you will sit back and enjoy my video review of Edie Eckman's Christmas Crochet for the Hearth, Home and Tree. Also be sure to listen so you can win a copy! 

~~Notes From the Video~~

*Christmas Crochet for the Hearth, Home and Tree 's Ravelry page : 
*The Bird I made can be found here  and the one I made and my notes here.  
*The Textured Stocking can be found here. (which is my current WIP from the book)
*Please share all the wonderful Photos of projects from the book with the Hashtag  

I actually had preordered a copy of this book as soon as preorders were up on Amazon. I was forced to wait for it to come out.....waiting is not fun but lucky for you there is no wait you can order it right now from: Amazon or you can check out Storey Publishing Page regarding the book and see all where this awesome book can be located.  Also You can Win a copy of this wonderful book don't forget to follow the direction in the Rafflecopter below.

Other Contact info:
Facebook: Storey Publishing
Twitter: @StoreyPub
Instagram: @StoreyPub

Want to see the other reviews on this book? Check them out here... You may also still have time to get in on their giveaway!! 

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Can't wait and want a copy right now?? Check out Amazons amazing price. (please note I am an affiliate of Amazon- see disclosure at the top of the blog)