Sav-A-Life Hat Drive

Ever get that feeling that you want to use your knitting or crochet abilities to spread love to the world? I know I do, I get it when I see a call for a charity drive, a post, when I look over and see a baby colored yarn or even when I hear others joining in a campaign on podcast/blog. Today it happened when I was tagged in a Facebook post. It was out of no where and I was sitting at the library with my kids when I got the notification. I read the post and I could feel my soul wanting to reach out... so I did. 

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Today I was tagged in a post on Facebook from the local center Support Save-A-Life Hope about a "hat drive". They put a call out for knitters and crocheters to help make handmade hats to give out in gift bags. The Hope center located in Anniston Alabama gives these gift bags to out to every baby that gets born in the local Hospital! That is pretty amazing... and that is 2,000 babies I have been told by them. So they need your, mine and anyone you know who crochets or knits help. So here I am putting a call out to you. Maybe you have a urge to do some charity crafting and not sure what you can do, maybe your the only knitter or crocheter you know and looking to join others in a campaign to make a difference, maybe I have personally helped you through a pattern or you have won a giveaway from my blog or Ravelry group and looking for a way to say thank you. Or maybe you have a local group and looking for a project... Well here it is. Together we can change lives and spark hope. We can do something we love and spread love at the same time. We can show these new babies and their families that hope is everywhere as well as kindness. So grab your hook or needles and keep reading!

To get you started I am going to link some great FREE patterns. Never done a pattern before? That is OK too because I am offering my help... Yep that's right you can contact me through this blog or my Facebook page that can be found here and I will do what I can to get you through the pattern. If I can not help you I will point you in the direction where you can get help. So lets look at the specifics.

Whats needed: 

Support Sav-A-Life Hope is asking for the following:
Yarn only-No embellishments (choking hazard)
Infant sized
Super soft acrylic/cotton yarn only
NO wool/dish cotton
Smoke free
Animal dander/fur free
Pastel colors
Please deliver in clean plastic bags/no card board

Hats can be delivered to:
HOPE Women’s Services
1506 Leighton Ave. Ste. A
Anniston, AL 36207

Now the patterns. I am sure many of you have worsted weight yarn at home. On the Label that is a #4 yarn. Personally for donations I love using the I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. One skein of this is about 355 yards and depending on the pattern used and your knitting/crochet gauge a newborn baby hat runs about 70-150 yards. That means you can get 2-4 hats for under $5! Another favorite I have for baby hats is DK weight yarn which has a #3 on the label. My go to for these is also another Hobby Lobby (that is really the only craft store that is around me) yarn called Baby Bee. This yarn is thinner than worsted which is great for the local weather of Alabama. 

DK Weight

Worsted Weight

DK Weight download from Ravelry a free site that I LOVE)

Worsted Weight

So this is just a small amount of patterns to get you started there are so many out there. Just pay attention to the yarn weight it calls for and what you use. Remember gauge is important and if you need help finding out what that is or how to check it just let me know… I hope you join me in supporting my local Support Sav-A-Life Hope. If you just could send one hat I would appreciate it and I know they will too. I encourage you to share this blog post or this Facebook post and let's rally together to get them some hats. 

If you are reading this and am not a knitter or crocheter but still want to bless this organization then I encourage you to click here and check out their how to help page.

Happy Knitting/crocheting and spreading love.
~Kim aka Yarning4asmile 

Wicked Westly

I got to test the adorable new doll from the amazing B. Crochet-Tive Designs and I am giving away a copy via #Ravelry because I love her so much!! Want to win a copy? Head over to my Ravelry group by clicking here, make sure you join and comment to win. Can't want to win? I don't blame you for the price of this doll why would you check out the links bellow to buy the pattern right now. 

You can purchase this doll from the following:

You can see the yarns I used etc here on my project page. 

She is made with acrylic worsted weight yarns and a F hook. She stands about 13 inches tall and well written. I love her little pumpkin purse becase every girl needs a purse right? I hope you check out her and other patterns Brittany has created. Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting.