Where did December go?

Notes From the Show:
Alabama Yarnies Ravelry Group

FO Show:
*Summer Band ~ Angel Grimes Free Pattern
Fast easy Fun knit. I love the crazy yarn.
*Spooky Doggie Sweater ~ Dog Sweater Red Heart Designs 
This yarn bleeds on your hands when you knit with it.
*Velvet Ruffles Scarf ~ on back of info slip
velvet area picks easy
*Crazy Purple Scarf ~ Spacial 7-3 Rhonda Scarf
*White Walker ~ Barn Raising Square
*Winter Berries ~ Barn Raising Square

 Working on the Peacock Hat by Brenda K B. Anderson For a donation to my local homeless. Also knitting away at my Harvest by Tincan Knits. I have about 1 inch till I do the bottom edge then I will pick up the sleeves. I am using Red Heart for the hat and Berroco for the sweater.


Upcoming : 
EndGame ~ Michelle Hunter
15 in 2014 
Brickless ~ Martina Behm

Set to begin on Jan 31,2015 and will close Jan 20,2015