Hats Of To Our Troops!

Its been about 10 days from my last post and I am almost to tired to write this today but I hate being behind...
It is a early Monday morning here in Alabama. The boys are eating breakfast and soon we will be in the car taking the "kindergartner" to school. Today he has a short week since they are out Friday. The weather here is been a little cooler the last 2 days and I am loving every minute of it. The leaves are starting to change and fall to the ground with each little breeze. This week will be a short week for me since I get to go to DOTMOM. in Chattanooga Tennessee with my mom.  We are lucky that is only two hours from here but its just all the "getting things" ready before hand that is so tiring. I am really wanting to complete my honey comb scarf I have been working on. I wanted to take it.. just in case it was cool there. I have one FO to show and a "almost" completed FO. This week it has been all about hats...

The first one I did was for some KAL that I mentioned in the last post. I made the hat out of my handspun. The roving is from Kramer Yarns and is 100 wool. It was the 2nd thing I had ever spun on my wheel. It is a little quirky thin in some places and fat in others. I love it though, I think that is what makes this hat look so cozy. This one got a bit scary since I was left with on a 3 inch tail after sewing it up! I was getting a little sweaty towards the end to say the least.

To Knit This hat do a 2x2 rib then a 3 rows of purls and then knit up and do decreases, sew up and enjoy.

The next hat is a donation hat. I knitted it for my LYS. They are collecting hats to send to the troops by December. They had yarn donated from different companies. I was given a ball of Ella Rae superwash in chunky to make mine.  To make the hat I did a simple 2x2 rib then knit until the hat reached 7 inches. Once I was at 7 inches I began my decreases. Do you see the cute little candy corn stitch marker? That is one of my creations. I also made a matching candy corn crochet hook to match it..

Oh so I wanted to show some random pictures of things that happened during the week. I will call them my Random Rants lol

3 oz of ponytail from me to be donated to Locks of Love.

These two Lovely things were at cracker barrel. I love the color combo of the scarf and I saw the sweater and thought..... hmmm I could make that maybe....

Stash enhancements for the week. the Must Stash yarn I won!!!

TMNT Birthday!

I am in a whirl wind of emotions today... My oldest turns 6. He started kindergarten two weeks ago and has been loving it. Everyday when I drop him off he gets out of his sit comes around to my door and gives me a kiss goodbye. He then blows a kiss to his little brother behind me and walks into the school like he has been doing it fr years. I am so happy to see him growing up but so sad at the same time. Its a scary place out in the real world. This year he still is all about trains but he is also all about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We are actually having a "TMNT" inspired party with family only. I wanted to make him something so I decided on the TMNT Michaelangelo pattern by Linda Potts. She has a bunch of cute patterns so if you are a crocheter you should check out her Ravelry page.

My differences: I pretty much followed the pattern except for the shell ring and I shortened my Body. I just did 3 dc in a st and then sl st to the next and repeated.. I also made my belt different and added the strap that goes over the arm much like the newer turtles. Oh and I did my hip area differently as well but not sure how to explain it. I used safety eyes from Hobby Lobby. The mouth is black yarn embroidered on.

I gave him to "Birthday Boy" last night and he loves him.
I must admit I love him to and my hubby now wants one... Maybe after the holidays though because I have so much I want to make...

Currently I am doing 3 KALS for the months of September and October. The first is through MustStash. They do a podcast that I LOVE! It you haven't heard it check them out. The KALS they have going on this month are a handspun and Rhinebeck or Bust. for the handspun I am using my pumpkin handspun and making the Nora Spiral One-Skein Hat by Manuele Ducret. My project page info for that can be found here. Now I am also going to use this for the KAL the Knit Girlls are doing. It is for something for Halloween... I meaning a pumpkin color hat... I can not get much more Halloween than that :)  So that project is being "double Dipped". The last thing I am making is The Easy folded Poncho by Church house Farms. My project page for that can be found here.  I hope you check out my WIPS and drop into one of the groups MustStash or Knit Girlls and tell them I sent you. I would also love to hear about your WIPS and see pictures :)

Happy Yarning!