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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Namaste Harlow

(this review is 100% my own)
Namast Inc Website

The Harlow is made from vegan material and offers ultra organization and serious style. The Harlow retails for $97.50 and is an awesome deal for the quality of this bag. I bought mine in Espresso and use it daily.

My Current Wip's Ravelry page can be found here.  

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project Bags and The Pain They Bring Me

Projects bags are so hot right now. Everyone and their momma is making them and selling them. Do not get me wrong I love all the inde style bags and the shops like Little Skein In The Big Wool has be drooling and dreaming on a weekly basis.Her "kits" with the bag, project and yarn are stunning and I have been kicking myself for not getting the "Where The Wild Things Are Set" Like every time I see the little creature made I cringe and wonder why I did not go for it. Anne does have set right now for her Anne of Green Gables Series. Which you can see all the updates for that in her shop right now. I suggest following her on Instagram and joining her ravelry group.

Then you have stores like Awesome Granny. Her fabrics are fun and she has two bag sets! You can find her on Instagram as well and she too has a Ravelry group. I love this back fabric with the foxes and she also has a deer set in a heart.... Which are in my Etsy cart waiting for the moment when I have extra money to spend.

I want to buy bags but I can not afford it. I look at it like I can either buy a a bag kit/set or get the patterns I need, yarn, a haircut, etc. The struggle is for real people! Don't get me wrong these ladies do top notch work and I follow them on all the social medias and rant and rave about how awesome their stuff is but I do not own any. The only "bought" bag I have is from Erin Lane Bag I got at Stitches South this year. I love that bag and it is sooooo well made. She always has fun awesome prints....  

Want to see more of the Etsy shops I follow and drool over click here

So whats a girl to do?? Well I make crazy long wish list on Amazon or I put things I want in my Etsy cart and then when I have extra money I pick something from my list. Does not happen often. I give very and I mean very little "play" money each month. Like $25 a week :/  However to support my bag wanting I have been sewing my own. They are not as nice as the "professional" but they are decent and I must admit I enjoy sitting at machine once in a while. My sewing skills have gotten better.... am I saying I would never order a bag from the above nope... I want to support these ladies and I want to own one of their creations and I will just not right now.... So some of my favorite sewing patterns can be found here.   I also use the links bellow...

So far I have made me 14 bags, 2 for gifts and working on a new pattern for a gift that can be found here. 

For info about my bag tree check out this post here

I hope I have introduced to some awesome Etsy stores and maybe even encouraged you to get crafty! Happy Yarning ..... and Sewing :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ravelry and My Birthday

If you are on Ravelry then you are aware of the wonderful groups that are out there. There is one called RAK. I think I have talked about this group before but in the group you post your wish list and people choose people to send a random act of kindness to. It so happens I was sent 2 copies of the Brickless pattern by two very awesome RAKers for my birthday. I decided to forward that RAK and hold a giveaway for the other sharing my birthday present with another. I had people Pm me if they wanted to be in the drawing and at 7:00 pm I used and here is the results.....

To all that entered and to Tessagreenwood and Amineko72. Thank you again for sending me an awesome pattern I have been wanting FOREVER lol and I think it is so wonderful that I got two, allowing me to share my birthday and Bless someone else on this Friday afternoon...  :)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Knit Purl KAL

There is a new KAL and I am doing it. Our local Knit is too so if you are a local and interested please be at Yvies Yarn Shop tonight at 6pm.

I am making the medium and as much as I wanted to use the suggest yarn in that wonderful gold color I am using King Baby Llama & Mulberry Silk from Aslan Trends.