Rainy Mondays...

Rain Rain Rain..... This is the view from my craft room window. Its not very pretty since the back area is under construction... we had to cut out the bank when we moved here and plan on digging out that ditch, laying rocks and having a dry stream. That way when its dry it will look pretty and when there is rain it will be pretty as well... we are also wanting to do some pavestone and put my antique patio set on it.

This weekend was a blast! We had Stitches here in the south. It was my first stitches and was somewhat over whelming. I did not look at all the booths as much as I wanted to. I did however get A LOT of yarn lol. I will show some pictures later on and do some enabling for you.  I drove some of the sweet ladies from the guild and I think they had a blast as well. I felt like momma hen though constantly counting heads and trying to keep up with them.

Today I am starting a zippered project bag... have I never done a zipper in a bag .... nope but seems like a good day to learn.  I am calling on a pattern from Simplicity Crafts (#9949) to help and good ole Craftsy! There is a FREE Mastering Zipper Class and there are TWO FREE bag classes. Bag Making Basics which covers a drawstring and bucket bag Bag Making Basics which covers a reversible tote and zipper pouch.
its not perfect and a little uneven but I love it :)
I added a handle

If you have not signed up with craftsy you really should! Its free and you can learn sooooo much!

Happy Yarning!

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