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My name is Kim and I have been married since 06. I love my hubby dearly and LOVE being a stay at home mommy to our two wonderful little boys. I believe in God and love spending time outside in the world he created. I love to cook and love using ingredients we grow on our land. We live in Alabama on 35 acres of forest and fields. I wear many hats and am blessed to be able to do so.

This blog will be a look into my world of everyday life. This blog will no longer just be about knitting and crochet. If you are looking for content that relates only to that then please join my Facebook Group which can be found here: www.facebook.com/groups/yarning4asmileville

This blog will consist of all aspects of our life. There will be a little of this and a little of that. I will be merging my homeschool blog with this one but the Facebook Group that I linked above will be strictly knitting/crochet. I will leave up the content of my homeschool blog as many of the post are still being visited daily. I will just be using this blog for all new content going forward.

  I picked up my first hook on the last week of December 2012 and taught myself to crochet within 3 days and six months later taught myself to knit and then bought a wheel and taught myself to spin. Since then my drop spindle stash, fiber stash, yarn stash and every other tool that I would need for both crochet and knitting. I am very passionate about fiber arts and the positive effects it has on your mental and physical self. 


   Thanks for visiting. 

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