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Friday, February 27, 2015

Stitches South 2015

I will update this page as soon as I find info to share.. 

Class Info. If you get set up your class by March 5, 2015 you can save some money !

Use this promo code: SN15 to get $2 off regular priced tickets.

B to Follow the Stitches South Ravelry Group for additional info and discounts

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!


Happy Valentines Day. As I am sitting here try to get warm and getting ready to celebrate my youngest sons 4th Birthday I thought I would share some Valentines Day crafts and cute vintage cards with you all... #Valentine #Valentineday

Pinterest Crafts: Just click the picture and you will be carried to the page. You can also see my Pinterest Valentines Day board.

Ravelry Links: You can see more projects here :

Happy Yarning and Valentines Day! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A little "How To" and FO Review

So hows your stashdown cleaning coming along? I have almost completed our closets and bathroom and bedroom! Which means all I have left are the shed and barn and a few things inside. This makes me beyond happy. I am surprised I get so much done though because my hubby had to have surgery on his hand on the 2nd... which you know how men are and it was his dominant hand so naturally he could not do anything for a few days. His hand was all bandaged up and he could not even cut his own food up or open the #Milostea jug. Then as if on cue I had to picked the 7yr old from soon Friday due to a fever. Then the little one got it... UGH weather change in Alabama is awful on colds and sinus infections. However despite all the craziness I have managed to get a lot done. I did a little video of some FOs.

~Endgame by Michelle Hunter was a mystery KAL and could be found on
Yarn Kenzie by Hikoo in the Boysenberry color

~Baby Blues Hat (for sale at Yvies Yarn Shop) Patttern by Vania Jenny Pattern Name Le Le Hat. This pattern is on a blog post and not really downloadable on Ravelry. Yarn was Flirt by Ornaghi Filati. Super quick knit and great shower gift since we are coming to the baby season of knitting/crochet :)

~Barn Raising Square pattern by Shelly Mackie and Larissa Brown. This pattern is not downloadable either you can only get it from the book. There are similar free ones out there on Ravelry.

~I Heart You Kitty by Sara Thomas. This pattern will be in her new book that comes out in March 2015 called Cats in Hats.  Keep you eyes open for a blog post review of that book next month along with more adorable FOS.

~Dino Kitty  Pattern by Sara Thomas pattern name Dinosaur see the info on prev Kitty FO above.

Current Wips are the #cozymemoriesblanket and #harvest cardi. I am almost done with my cardi just started the decreases in my last sleeve yesterday. Here are some lovely photos for you viewing pleasure.. Oh I also have another Barn Raising Square on the needles in the multi color yarn.

What is on Deck
So the next thing to get on the needles in the Brickless by Martina Behm . I actually somewhat started but just the first 9 rows. I refuse to work on it till my sweater is done. Then I will do the Crinkle in the Storm hat as I am calling it. It will allow me to use one of my #15skeinsin2015. I also want to knock some Kitty hats from the Cats in Hats book.  

#Stashdown2015 lesson "How to add your Stash to #Ravelry.

Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round
No spinning this week 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Want to make some cute hats for your kitty?? Preorder this book now for only $12.88 and get ready for a review filled with Cat Hat FO's coming in March.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time to Destash!

Since this is a week late you should have created your plan off attack for your stash, house, drawer, closet.... what ever you are wanting to clean out and get organized. Last week despite having to take my youngest and mother in law to the Doctor for bronchitis I did manage to get a lot done. I even took a bag of yarn to the library and donated and have another ready to go. (these are partial/recycled yarns or I would offer them up to you guys) I was able to clean out the "school related stuff from my room and relocating that to the laundry room and shed where I can get to it a lo easier. I was able to really go through and touch all my yarns moving some acrylics and partial skeins to my was empty closet. I will add some photos to share my new space and crazy but great storage ideas. The first picture is the closet in my craft room, I now keep all my blocking, scrapbook, "other acrylics" shipping supplies, office supplies. I love over the door caddy in the pantry and I use one in my craft room closet for tape, paintbrushes .. pretty much everything. I also reuse cookie tins in drawers, plastic containers that lost their lids and dollar tree plastic trays. the boys rooms have labels on the drawers, when they were younger they have pictures of what does in the drawer. I love "vintage" metal baskets for yarn.

Since I now have my stash better sorted and less "cramped" I have set some attentive goals for myself...
 1. knit my 15 oldest skeins in 2015... and here they are.
 2. Knit from my acrylic in my closet and put some of them up for destash on ravelry
 3. Start a "cozy memories sock scrap blanket" with 6 grams balls of sock yarn
 4. Continue my "Barn Raising" Square Blanket
 5. Knit at least 3 pairs of socks
 6. Knit my hubby a hat like this one some how.
 7. Knit from Queue since most of my queued projects have yarn bought
 8. spin at least three braids..

The past two weeks I have finished my Endgame scarf, made a baby hat, finished the donation hat, worked on my sweater and started a #cozymemoriesblanket  ...  The baby hat was one of the 15 of my oldest skeins. It made a cute baby and hat and I based it from the pattern here.

 Oh and me and my oldest went to the circus with his class. It was a lot of fun but I wish the were more animal acts. The elephants were amazing along with the tigers :)

How your destash progress going. Hopefully well, I would love to hear about your destash stories... Happy yarning