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Monday, February 1, 2016

Love the Family not the Germs Feb 2016

February 1, 2016

Show notes:

Chit Chat
~The post about how I organized my projects.

~Goals 2016
1. Color work
2. Lace
3. Finish Star Wars Cross Stitch
4. Complete 2 Craftsy Classes
5. Finish a Sweater
6. Complete Spark Story Socks


~Cozy Memories Blanket. You can see all my notes here. This is a long term project so I ordered a set of Signature Needles to use on it.

~Spark Story Socks
Pattern none just a toe up and Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Needle US 1 Karbonz DPN
Yarn Spark Story Toughie Sock in the Spectra Color 
~ Had to completely rip these back because I had increased to 64 stitches but they were to big.

~Summer Flies Again Shawl 
Pattern: Summer Flies Again by Donna Griffin
Needle Knitters Pride Marblz US 8
Yarn: Interlacements Woollee in the Blues color

My Yarn Buddy Review can be found here Their Etsy shop can be found here. 


Pattern: Yoda from Star Wars Amigurumi Book by Lucy Collin 
Yarn Scraps
Hook G 

Knitted Knockers
Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton
Needle: Us 5 and 4 Kollage Square needles

Gabe's Tweed Hat
Sockhead Hat from Undead Yarn

New to the Stash
Paca Peds
Debbie Bliss 
Bone hooks from my wonderful friend Debra :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Goals and Dreams for 2016

Online Knitting Class

Can you believe January is here? The fact that I am writing this and it is January 23rd blows my mind even more. This year had brought some interesting days for me. So far I have had my first really bad ear infection and then yesterday I feel off going down the steps of my porch. I feel hard and bruised several parts of my body. As I write this I am sitting with a heating pad on my neck and shoulders because I am so sore. However, despite the issues I have had there is always one thing I can turn to beside my family and faith. I love them don't get me wrong but there is a certain comfort crafts in general bring me. So this year I have several plans for my crafting goals.
Planning and Goal Setting:
I am a very OCD person and love setting goals and writing them down. I love when I check them off and can get that visual pleasure of seeing them done. I keep up with goals and to do list in two ways. One is my Filofax personal size Malden wallet. This is a planner/wallet in one. I got it last year and can not even imagine how I got by without it in the past. I post a picture above of the wallet I use. You can click on either picture and be taken to the Amazon page. I personally own the purple but I want a brown also :) I have my planner wallet set up with card slots at the front to hold credit cards and discount cards, a notes section where I keep up with goals, calendar that I use a color coding systems and write day to day task and chores, credit card balance and payments so I always know what I owe and Checking account register.
I also use a Dry Erase board in my craft room that has my goals for the year on it. It is on the door across from my desk so when I am sitting in my desk I can look up and its starring at me reminding me to get them done.

The third step in my crafting organization is using Ravelry. I create project pages for upcoming knit and crochet project and keep all my stash in Ravelry so I know what I have and can link it to projects. For more info on how I use Ravelry Click HERE. You can see my project page above, if there is not any picture I have not started it yet. Those are just things I want to make in the next month or so. I also have yarn and pattern ready to go in project bags that are hanging on my bag tree. The different bags are a mixture of ones I have bought and ones I have made. There are a lot of free sewing patterns out there but some great ones are like the FREE Craftsy class Bag Making Basics with Kristin Link. If you are not a member of Craftsy I recommend you try it out. I love their classes. I have several and will be talking about them more in a minute.

I also organize my stash by weight of yarn and if it has a project in mind for it our not. Most of my yarn I buy with a project in mind but there are some that I have no idea what they will be. I wanted a way to go in there and look through what I do not have planned and pick something out if I come across a project that I need to make.

So now that I hit the basics of how I organize and plan lets get down to what I want to do in 2016.

My Goals:

1. Finish my Spark Story socks. I had to go down in needle size from a US 2 to a US 1 so I ripped them both out and am starting over. You can see that info and yarn info here.

2. I want to do my first color work pattern. I have picked out the Lerwick Roofline by the Plucky Knitter Designs. I have created the project page and attached the yarn I plan on using.

3. I want to do my first Lace Weigh Project and again I will be turning to Craftsy. I have already bought the amazing class from Mastering Lace Shawls Class by Laura Nelkin. However there are other classes I want to try like My First Lace Shawl and Save Our Stitches: Fixing Lace Knitting Mistakes.

4. I want to spin more. I have a rather large fiber stash and for those that want to build their spinning skills Craftsy has a class for that too. Well several classes actually. This is one I want to try out Foundations of Spinning

5. I want to finish my sons cross stitch star wars by Cloudsfactory.

6. Knit double the amount of donation gifts as I did last year. I am choosing to knit for. I have bought some Cascade Ultra Pima to knit my knockers.. and have already knit a pair for my aunt. Did I mention the yarn is on sale at Craftsy :)

Wrapping it Up:
I love Craftsy so much the classes are a great way to learn a new skill. We have done the Free Pizza Making Class as a family and the hubby and I have done the Complete Knife Skills, with Brendan McDermott (FREE mini-course!). I have about 26 classes a mixture of free and paid for ones and there are so many more I want to try. I hope you take the time to check them out and take a class. Learn something new and open your 2016 to a new world of growth and possibilities.

Right now Craftsy is having an online class giveaway you can check out the details here.

For any legal info please check out this tab . I am a craftsy affiliate, however this does not affect my feelings twards craftsy or their products. I have learned several things from their classes and currently taking the Knit Faster With Continental Knitting (w/Lorilee Beltman) and used the Entrelac Knitting Class  to make my Entrelac Cowl which can be seen in this post.  

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Wrap Up

made for me from my friend Debra
Today is December the 30th. Wow that is a crazy sentence to write. The end of the year is always bitter sweet to me. Sad to see it go but excited to see what the new year brings. I finished two big fingering weight shawls this year. I knitted and crocheted over 10,000 yards of yarn. I meet new friends through fiber arts and I have learned some things about myself. I have been very busy girl this year and have so much more planned in the future. This blog has grown since last year. I am even planning new things for the future. I am changing how I record the video-cast. I will be having segments and it will slowly become more of a regular podcast. I will be getting my from Debra to join in and hopefully get to film on location at my local yarn store. So without further ado on with the show:


Chunky Owl Mitts
Pattern: Pattern Chunky Owl Mitts by Naturegirlknits1
Needle Us 11 and 13
Yarn Lion Brand Wool Ease in Oatmeal
~I am not a chunky mitt kind of gal but I do love the look of them
~mine were a little big despite getting gauge
~I added buttons, not part of the pattern

Pint Sized Pines smaller one / larger one 
Patterns: Pint Sized Pines by Julie Tarsha
Needle Us 2
Yarn Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tails Jade
~I followed the fingering weight pattern for the first one but mine would not fit on the cork so I put it on a branch
~the 2nd one I doubled the cast on and pattern and it fit on the cork.
~I glued felt around the cork then sewed the tree to it with sewing thread.

Winter Swatch Cloth
Pattern: Winter Swatch cloth by Lorna Miser published in Love of Knitting Winter 2015
Needle US 7
Yarn Peach and Cream cotton in Yuletide this was deep dark stash lol
~I did not do the applied edge I ran out of time, so I just did a sc border.

Wee Sweater  short sleeve / long sleeve
Pattern: Wee Sweater by Sara from
Needle US 2
Yarn: Short Sleeve Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet Splash 100 in the Lipstick / Long Sleeve On Your Toes Bamboo in the 130 color.
~Fast Fun super cute.
~Highly recommend

Terauley Shawl
Pattern: Terauley by Laura Chau
Needle: US 5 3.75
Yarn: some 100% superwash Merino I bought from ebay.
~~This is a paid for pattern
~~This shawl is so squishy I love it.. need to finish it. I have about 15 ish rows then bind off

Storm Trooper
Pattern: Star Wars Crochet by Lucy Collin only sold in kit (book, yarn, hook)
Hook G
Yarn Scraps
~will make them all
~easy to follow
~love the how to pictures in the book

The Walking Dead Mystery KAL
Pattern: The Walking Dead MKAL from Jimmy Beans and Kristen  Ashbaugh- Helmreich
Yarn: lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in the October 2015 Walking Dead Colorway
Needle: US 3 Hiya Hiya Sharps 3.25mm
~~Loving this knit and the season of the Walking Dead
~~ this is a paid for Pattern

Cozy Memories Blanket. You can see all my notes here. This is a long term project so I ordered a set of Signature Needles to use on it.

Spark Story Socks
Pattern none just a toe up and Fish Lips Kiss Heel
Needle US 1 KArbonz DPN
Yarn Spark Story Toughie Sock in the Spectra Color 
~ Had to completely rip these back because I had increased to 64 stitches but they were to big.

Tortuga Shawl
Pattern: Tortuga Shawl by Ela Torrente 
Needle US 7 Karbonz
Yarn King Cole Yarns in the Drifter Base in the Nevada
~Love this yarn and how it is striping
~this yarn is so soft.

Shawl KAL with Bookishstitcher Undead Yarn
I will be doing the :
Summer Flies Again Shawl
Pattern: Summer Flies Again by Donna Griffin
Needle :
Yarn: Interlacements Woolee in the Blues


New To The Stash

Little Skein In the Big Wool Clara's Nutcracker Ornament Kit only 13 left (when I checked)
Gumdrop Wonderland Kit (No longer available)
Up in Yarns Yarn Club 

 Happy New Year!

Santa had just left

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ravelry 101 Adding Stash to Ravelry

On the last little video I went over the basic how to's of adding a adding a project to Ravelry now lets look at adding yarn to your Ravelry stash. 

Thank you for watching ;) Happy Yarning