The First Shawl

I am super proud of myself!!! I finished my first shawl in 20 days. That is pretty good considering i have two small people running around calling my name every 5 minutes. I LOVE it by the way. I love the yarn which is Plymouth Yarns Mushishi. It is 95% wool 5% silk worsted. There is 491 yards / 250 grams and it is soft and bouncy. I did not have any problems with it splitting. I have already added another skein to my wish list. I used the grape but would love to get my hands on Pomegrante colorway. You can see all my notes on my Ravelry page.

 Here is the finished product. I blocked it so it reaches about 5 feet across. Its worsted but you can see through it a little which is fine I live in Alabama and wanted it to be a little airy. I used LaLa's Simple Shawl pattern with a size 9 Knitters Pride Dreamz needle. I used all but 8 yards.


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