I have been on a Red Kick...

Do you every look at your projects and realize they are all the same color? I noticed that this past couple of weeks.. I have made sock and 2 squares and they are all red. I am not even a big fan of red so its somewhat funny. Maybe I was in the "Loving Mood" For February. Lets talk patterns and Yarn shall we?

My socks were made from Knit Picks Imagination yarn. I love these colorways and am very upset they have discontinued it. I was lucky enough to have gotten several colors for Christmas from my hubby and mom. I used the Ruby Slippers color way which is inspired from Wizard of Oz. The color is perfect for the month of love. I paired the yarn with a very popular pattern called Hermiones EveryDay Socks.

The Yarn:
I love this yarn.. it is super soft and does not split. It has a good twist and a slight halo. The yarn is a variegated.

Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/Hermiones-everyday-socks
Super easy to follow and remember. I did get lost at times but it easy to find your place. It is a free pattern. Despite my best efforts of not getting off the pattern it happened.. my kids would stop me mid row or I would look up to see what they were doing or the watch the "dramatic" part of the show we were watching. However when this did happen I did not rip back. The beauty of the yarn is that is hides some of the imperfections of my knitting!

Pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/barn-raising-quilt
If you remember after each pair of socks I knit I am wanting to make a Barn Raising Quilt Square. I used about 17 grams 74 yards for my square. I still have yarn to make another and maybe do a Mitered Square. I love this pattern and it so one of those you do it once and you never need to see the pattern again. This pattern however can only be found in the book KnitAlong Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together. The book is on Amazon right now for about $14 and has a lot of great patterns... Just click the link and it will take you there.

The last square I worked on for February was from the wonderful people at Love of Knitting. Every month they are releasing a Block Square Pattern and a suggested yarn to use with it. In December you join yours squares and have a lovely throw. I was lucky enough to have won a skein of the yarn that was suggested for January. It is Cascade Avalon a cotton/acrylic mix.. You can sign up to get their newsletter and each moth the newsletter has a key word, on their Facebook page they tell you when to email that key word in for a chance to win a prize.

The Yarn: wonderful feel.. no splitting, holds shape well

Pattern:  This one for some reason was giving me a hard time. I was trying to read the written instructions and kept losing my place.. I then started just using the Charted pattern and it was smoothing sailing. I then just started using stitch markers to indicate if I needed to purl or knit and by the 2nd pattern repeat I did not need the pattern at all. The fabric made from the combo or the pattern and yarn is very nice. I could imagine a whole blanket from this would be a excellent knit and gift.

Don't for get you can find me on Ravelry : Yarning4asmile 

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