Stitches South 2016

OK my stitches adventure goes a little something like this….. Friday
8:02 am ~ Me to Debra … when are you leaving? This morning when I walked into the living room Lee was sitting there and was like are you not going with Debra to stitches?? I said OMG really?? He said lol just kidding April Fools.. I am off today and thought we would do family things…
8:06: ~Debra replied lol I have to do a few things… you know i can pick you up..
8:14 ~ Me to Debra “I wish!!!”
8:15 ~ Hubby to me… If you want to go, then go I see you are messaging her.. Me: are you sure?? him: Yes! ;)
8:15 Me to Debra when will you be this way?? lol
the following was a blur… Debra was in Piedmont. She turned around. I got dressed out the door and met her at her house about 30 mins later…
The event. OMG can we talk about the insane parking and cost of parking! Epic fail Stitches!! We were a little turned around when we got there so we asked a Resort person where the best place to park was for the event. We had to walk all the way through the resort… which was super cool but a lot of walking and the show was dare I say bite sized?? When it was in ATL it was twice the size. I enjoyed it though but the venue makes me not want to go back. I did get a few things I was REALLY good this year. If I knew what was going to happen the next morning I would have not bought anything but you never know what is to come just whats before your eyes. I have a few new favorite dyers though Twisted Owl Fiber Studio and Gerschubie Fiber Arts. Both dyers were super sweet and a pleasure chatting with. I also enjoyed Shirstycat booth but they were talking to someone else so I could not really talk to her. Gerschubie was so interesting to talk to, she does all her dying from their RV! I loved how she said she stores the yarn under the bed. She has some cool pictures on her instagram of how she dyes living the nomadic life style. I really hope to meet her again. The Husband and wife team of twisted owl were awesome too and such a cute couple. :)

~~~The Low Down:
1. There would have to be a crazy impossible to turn down reason for me to go back to Stitches South if it is in The Gaylord Opryland Resort 
2. I will find free parking
3. Vendors I WILL order from again Heather from and Abby from I would consider ordering from Kelly from she has beautiful yarns but like I said when you go in a booth as a consumer you don't expect to be mad a fuss over but I don't think I was hardly greeted at all. I was given a reusable bag though so bonus points for that. 

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