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About Me

My name is Kim and I have been married since 06. I love my hubby dearly and LOVE being a stay at home mommy to our two wonderful little boys. I am a Believer in God and love spending time outside in the world he created. I home school the boys and do a home school blog that can be found at  I picked up my first hook on the last week of December 2012 and taught myself to crochet within 3 days. I have fallen in love with yarn and started a blog regarding my journey which can be found here Some of my other hobbies are:
1. Yarn stashing lol
2. scrap booking
3. attempting to knit
4. I love to read..esp the Bible (I know that sounds strange but its interesting learning the meaning of the words and going deeper in the verses and well its about God need I say more)
5. sewing things
6. Organizing... I am OCD don't laugh
7. gardening/canning
8. thrift store hunting - yes I consider that a hobby :)

Thanks for visiting!!! hugs and Blessings to you!

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