How it all began..

I have a new love in my life. I know what your thinking why bring this love in my life when there is so much already going on???

It all started when I saw my mother in law had made some crocheted things... I was curious so I ventured to Pinterest. Pinterest will get you every single time. I have never seen my mother in law crochet and to my knowledge she has/had touched her craft since I meet my hubby in 2006. I became sick after Christmas with a flu type virus. I don't think it was the flu since I am a good girl when it comes to vaccines. However this virus hit and man it was bad.. The crazy thing I had been talking about trying some new things lately and my darling hubby decided to bring me a few things home when he brought some meds home. He even brought me my new love home. I am not sure if he knew how fast and hard I would fall. I admit I was even surprised. It's had not to though all the pretty colors, how the strands feeling running through my fingers. I am sure by now you have figured out that my new love is for the fiber arts. On December the 28th 2012 I touched my first hook...Two hours later this was created...

 I am not even sure what I was going for. I did "frog it". I then worked on another but with a smaller hole which turned into a mason Jar Cozy. I even made a flower for it. :) Pretty good since I did not have a pattern.

So began my love affair.

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