I am feeling so educated

You ever figured out something and had that "ah ha" moment. Isn't it awesome! I mean I don't like to toot my own little horn but man I feel like a am becoming a yarnie!

The first post on this blog was written a while back but I never really published it. I thought I would blog my journey down this road so I can look back on it later on. So here is a run down of things I crocheted in January.
So this is my oldest sons teddy dog. He wanted a collar for it.. The name on the collar turned out a little goofy but he likes it. I  made it on 1/1/13.

My first attempt at heart...it got rather large so it became a trivet.. lol 1/13/13  the yarn is Red Heart Super Saver and it's call "Cherry Red"... I did not have a pattern :/

My hearts got better as you can see. These are supper easy to make once you find a pattern that is easy and fast to do. I read so many patterns and played with the yarn and finally liked this one. Its from Little Birdie Secrets I will call it the simple heart from now on so later down the road if you see that you know its this little guy right here..(to make the garland I just made all the hearts then ran a long piece of yarn through them.)

 After my heart adventure I started this guy on 1/5/13. It was frogged several times. I then figured out what I was doing wrong. This was another free pattern. The lady that wrote his pattern must have taken her site down. Her name was AmyRay1976.BlogSpot.com but I can not find her blog anymore... I didn't even really follow her pattern I just used it to get me started but hers was a thinner head warmer and I wanted one wider to come my ear since my hair is often up in the fall/winter. Its crazy thick and curly.. which means a frizzy mess :(  I mange to finish these guys on the 11th.The yarn is Red Heart Super Saver "Charcoal".

Now don't you just love the colors in these gloves? The yarn is from Hobby Lobby and the brand is called "I Love This Yarn" Gelato Stripe These started out as owl gloves but being new I had no idea how to do cables so after the 3rd time I frogged them and came up with these. they are dc until the wrist then they go triple crochet so I can fold them over. They took me about 9 days to make.

This handsome fellow is my first born. He is wearing the hat I made him in 5 days.. I was impressed with myself.. Its hard to see the nose on the hat but he and little man fight over it all the time.. I really should make another one but then again summer is almost here so what's the point..

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