Drama Drama Go Away

 It has been a while since I have posted... It is not that I have wanted to post not is it that I have not been "yarning" its just that drama has taken over our lives lately. We are not trying to let it but it keeps hunting us down trying to pick a fight and we keep trying to ignore it. As for the yarning stuff I have only one FO but several things I have added to my stash. I also realized I never showed what I picked up on my vacation. EEEKKKK I so need to show you because man there are some cool lovely things.As for my FO or finished object I will do another past after this one regarding him since well he deserves his own page :)

First lets look at this I got while in the mountains. I went to the Smoky Mountain Spinnery and got some roving to spin.

This is Lapis Multi Mernio in a blue-green color way. I got a total of 8 oz. I love the hint of other colors hiden amonst the blues and greens.

This is 85% Polworth/ 15% silk it is 4oz of undyed softness

this is 100% Masham/Massam it to is undyed I have never heard of this so that's why I wanted to try it out.

 This is 100% Polworth. it is also 4 oz
Then we have my Tuesday morning hall. I love Tuesday Morning stores esp the one in Tenn that carries awesome yarns. They are Univeral Yarn Renew Wool and I got the @ 3.99 each. When I got back home I tried our local store and found the gray or "flint" color.

 Random Things:

our local Alpaca farm had some babies recently... aren't they cute!
my display for my stitch markers I made.
Hedi, a dog my in laws wanted and I agreed to drive and hour to get. She is a full bloodied German Shepherd. 

My thrift store run... there are also 2 more skeins but I did not get their picture. all for 5 dollars!