Operation Christmas Child

I love the organization Samaritan's Purse. You can read about it here. They do a shoebox drive every year at this time. The shoe boxes get filled with toys and essentials for kids and then are shipped around the world. We do boxes every year and last year we paid the $7 and had the box tracked. we were able to see the city in which the boxes got delivered. One of ours went to India and the other went to South Africa. It was very exciting! You can read about the boxes here. You can read about what to pack and see our boxes from last year by clicking the following link.
http://lifeonthefarminalabama.blogspot.com/2012/10/operation-christmas-child.html and http://lifeonthefarminalabama.blogspot.com/2012/11/our-shoebox-is-about-to-make-long.html

This year I wanted to added something handmade in our boxes. Our church recently went to Nigeria and the ladies shared the living conditions the locals are living in. In some places the only place to bathe is in the river. The kids have to carry their soap/towel etc with them, so I was thinking I would make a wash cloth that they could keep their soap box in. So I came up with this. This is one the the soap box can go in on its side.

This one is more of a Vertical one. I used one ball off the cotton yellow and white and some left overs of a ball of white cotton. I started off by chaining 3 over the length of the soap box and then SC around till I got the height I wanted. I then Sl St then CH leaving enough room for the button then SL ST the rest of the side. To make the button I CH 4, joined, SC in the loop then increased to the size I needed.


  1. thats really nice and very useful...Great charity..

    1. I agree it is a great Charity and a great way to get younger children involved. My boys love buying things for their "box kids" as they call them :) Thanks for leaving a comment and stopping in!~yarning4asmile AKA Kim


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