Honey Cowl FO

So I have been working on the Honey Cowl for a while now.  Its not that it has taken me that long to knit its that I am new and made some boo -boos and me being the OCD person that I am could not live with them. For starters lets talk yarn...
For this project I chose Yarns By Homeplace Farms hand dyed and Cascade 220 Heathers in the Burnt Pumpkin. I was super excited to fins a local hand dyed yarn that matched the Cascade Yarn. I wanted to do a striped pattern but knew I wanted a thicker piece in the center. I worked on it for a while and then I did a row backwards.. I thought hey its just one row, it doesn't matter right? Well the row keep jumping out at me and yelling "Hey you look at me look at me. I am your big ugly row." Needless to say i do not take smack from my yarn or projects so I ripped it back to the brown. Seems like a pretty easy fix and whould have been if the stupid thing hadn't come of the needles in my bag. It was such a mess I leterally frogged the while thing and started over on October 11. In the picute you can see the row the sits wrong. :/

So I cast on the 220 yet again. This time I did not mess up. I finished it on the 31st and blocked it that night.. He it is all finished.

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