I saw a leaf fall, then November was gone.

The weather is a funny thing is Alabama. There was cool days, a few nights of overnight freezes, a week of 70's and now I am sitting here once again with a fire burning. It is mid 40's outside but going to 30's tonight. I have so much to do still before December. I did start to decorate last week, but not the trees yet. I always do the trees the day after black Friday. Did you notice I said TREES as in more than one... try 6! One big one in our living room, a 7 foot in the den, the boys each have their own tree, one in the kitchen and one in my craft room.
The big one in the living room is a funny story. Before we moved here we had a house with a living room with 16 feet ceilings. We also had a 9 foot tree. We paid a lot of money for it and it is breath taking. Now we have 8 feet ceilings, do you see the problem. I was not about to get rid of my tree so we cut the top off of it so it would fit in here. I know what you are thinking crazy rednecks but it actually worked and looks amazing! I will post pictures when I get it up.
Now lets talk crochet and knitting! I have FO's!!
The first one I got done was a crochet blanket. It is for my dad. He has a brown recliner that he sits in all the time and he always a towel on the back of it in case his legs get cold. He never wants a throw since they are too big. I decided to make him a "Chair Blanket". It is 25x35 just big enough to cover his legs when he is reclined. It is made from Red Heart yarns. I used Medium Thyme, Hunter Green (which is an older discontinued color) and Dark Sage. You can see my project page here.

The next one was a gift for my Secret Sister at MOPS. If you are a mom and have a preschooler find a local MOPS group and check it out. I have been going for years and love it. This year we have secret sisters. I got the lovely mug at Target for 3.99. I choose brown and green since it is my secret sisters favorite colors.I used some left over Medium Thyme from the blanket above and some scraps of Vanna's Choice in a light brown that was gifted to me. You can see the project page here.

A few minutes ago I finished my sons Christmas Gift. The "Red Head" is having a Mickey Mouse themed Christmas so I made him a hat. I wished I would have wrote down the pattern but I did not but it is just a basic beanie. I used Red Heart With Love yarn in Holly Berry, Black and Daffodil. I doubled the yarn by pulling from the side and center pull at the same time. I also used a K hook for the main part and an I hook for the ears to make them firm. I Trimmed the bottom of the hat in the yellow and in the buttons. The buttons are from Hobby Lobby and was $1.47 or so. I think it turned out pretty cute :) You can see the project page here.

Wips: I am working on my first sock and still working on my poncho. I will do a separate post for my socks this week. Its been an adventure.