Rebecca Danger is awesome!

So I have a family member  that raises rare and unique bunnies. I was getting some angora from her but things happened and she is no longer speaking to us (she is my Hubby's half sister). I really really want more angora BTW :) Anyways she has been posting pictures of her little furbabies online and its just making me want one more. I would love to say that my Darling Hubby agrees with the wonderful ideas and gave me the big OK to get one but that would be a huge lie. So whats a girl to do??? Knit a little bunny of course... :)

So here is my bunny...  He is a Bunny nugget from Rebecaa Danger. You can find her pattern here.  I made him from my own handspun. The fiber was from Luthvarian Fiber Arts. She has a shop that can be found here. It was a 1 oz rainbow bat. I spun the bat on my MockingJay Spindle I got from Spinatude another wonderful Etsy shop.

Now for the alterations I made... I knit the bunny like the pattern reads but cast on a few more stitches made my body longer. I then decreased till I had 24 stitches I think.. 8 per ear and then the head. I put the first 8 stitches on waste yarn then sewed up the head then made the first ear. I then picked up the other ear with another circular needle. I did do both of the ears at the same time to ensure they would be even and use as much as my yarn as possible. The tail is also handspun... I wanted to use the last little bit I had so using a large fork I made a pom pom.  The eyes are a little button and the nose is pink handspun that was scraps from another spinning project.

I have another Rebecca Danger project to share with you this week and a review of her book Knitted Monsters. Until then Happy Yarning!