An Owlie For Abby

Cancer is never fun and for children is is down right scary. We have a family that has been stricken with cancer in one form or another. My son attends school with a little girl named Abby. Abby is your normal 7 year old that loves to play softball. On April 30,2014 her life was forever changed. She was diaginosed with acute lymohoblastic leukemia. I wanted to make her a little something to show her she was in our prayers and in our hearts. I found out she likes owls so a owl cap seemed like the perfect fit. For the pattern I used a Crochet Owl Hat  from Sarah Zimmerman.  I did make a few changes on the pattern though so see notes below.


**~Pattern**: I made the childs size but added some more rows to make it longer, it was to short. The eyes I did 2 rounds or the purple and 2 white... The eyes in the pattern are to small for the larger head size. My beak was a CH 7, followed her direction but added an extra Triple crochet at the end then HDC around to make it more uniform.

Red Heart With Love: This yarn has a really nice look to it and is softer than the "I Love This Yarn" It seems to be more of an aran weight than a worsted. It does seem to split a little.

I Love this Yarn: This yarn is a great deal for the price, color and availability to me. Very soft, very durable and no spliting.

Red Heart Solids: this is a new skein and is by far softer than any of my older standard Red Heart skeins..