A Wee Owl Hat

I am sure you are not like me. I am sure you plan out when you need to make things for baby showers. you have them planned out and the yarn bought... Well not me, I am so good at planning out everything else but I have dropped the ball. We have friends who were having a baby. Notice how I used the word were? Yea two weeks ago their little bundle of joy came into the world and I was without present. I should have made something sooner but between sick kids and a sick hubby I just have had not had time. So I started this guy on Saturday and finished him up on Sunday. This project could be made in a day but for some reason crochet really cramps my arms :(

I used I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby in the Soft blue and Greybeard color and Red Heart With Love in the Aran color

I based it off The Owl Hat Sarah Zimmerman but never even read the directions. For my newbornish size hat I did the following

hdc - half double crochet
dc-    double crochet
sc-    single crochet

~Magic ring
*using Double Crochet
~increased flat circle until 4.75 then did 3 rounds of color A
~Switched to color B till hat reached 5.5 inches

~Ear flap
1 slip st, Hdc, 6dc, hdc slip st, ch 2
2 8 hdc ch2
3 hdc dec, 4 hdc, hdc dec, ch 2
4 6 hdc
5 hdc dec, 2 hdc, hdc dec, ch 2
6 2 hdc dec, ch2
7 hdc dec bind off

~yarn sprigs on top and 3/4 row

SC with color B held double around bottom.

For a great hat size chart check out the link bellow.

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