One of the Biggest in Alabama

I have been to 5 yarn stores in Alabama. Yvies my local yarn store, may just have more yarn then them all. Yvies is located in Alexandria Alabama, you can check it out on google maps here. I talk about Yvies store a lot but I wanted to show you inside. If you are ever anywhere close to the store you really should take the time to come and check it out.

Please Enjoy the video Below.

Now that you have seen inside the store did you know you can look at peoples yarns they have stashed from Yvies store? You can see all the yarns stashed here. I am not ashamed to say a lot of those photos are mine.

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  1. Thank you Kim! We love you just as much ... Or even more! You represent what we always strive for....happy, cheerful, and helpful company!


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