Project Planning for my 2019 Craft Life

It is that time of year of goal making and project planning. Every year I like to set a few crafting goals for myself and try to achieve them. Not that I push myself to do them but I am a person who thrives on things such as that. Are you that way? Do you set yearly goals? Did you meet your yearly goals for 2018?

To be honest I can not even remember all the goals I had planned but the top two were to do something Brioche and to make a doll a month. I did make a brioche hat and it was donated to a charity "Purple Crying" and I made a few of the dolls but did not really finished the whole collection. The brioche hat is actually a funny story. I used the Craftsy free preview weekend and a pattern I bought online to make it. The problem is I can not remember how to do it! lol I tried to make me one and had several false starts but got frustrated and put it up. So I am somewhat adding that to my 2019 goals.

Last year I set a Ravelry goal of 40 projects and completed that. I did not meet my goal of 10,000 yards though. I completed a 7,714 yards but that does not count what it currently knitted or crocheted on my wips.

My goals this year I am going to list here and then comeback this time next year and see how much I have completed. If you want to join in you can list yours as a comment and then we can hold each other accountable.

My Goals 2019
1. make another brioche hat and learn it..
2. Finish my Romi Shawl wip
3. Finish the baby blanket from lion brand yarn
4. finish the best friends socks
5. start the campfire socks and finish them
6. make 30 things that I have queued: currently I have 186 things in my queue.
7. complete a total of 50 projects

Now my projects I plan on making...

I know I want to Crochet The Color Wheel Blanket from a local to me designer. I already have purchased the new Chic Sheep Yarn by Marly Bird for it. 

I want to finish crocheting some more of calender Dolls from the Simply Crochet. I have only completed Jan, Feb and March so there are plenty to choose from there. I have been using mostly I LOVE This Yarn from Hobby Lobby in the Stonewashed series for these.

Hats that I want to knit:
I am just going to post the photos of hats I want to make and like always you can click on them go to where you get the pattern.

That is all I know I want to complete. I know I will be picking more from my queue although I have not decided on which ones yet..

So what is on your list? Whatever it is I wish you the best year making it!

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