Busy Busy Week!

This have been busy here this week and I am not sure why. You ever have those weeks when you really don not get anything done but you seemed rushed all week? I think it all started Monday sitting in the Honda dealership get my 25,000 check up on my Odyssey. I did manage to finish this little cutie while I was there. This is not my pattern but a freebie I found on the web. I was pretty easy to do and looks cute. You can find the pattern at CuteandKaboodle.


I also turned all those puff flowers into a wreath. I took this picture for a yarn boom that is going on around the world. A fellow crocheter lost her beautiful daughter last year and crocheters across the world are yarn
booming things and sending pictures to her in honor or her little Angel. Be sure to keep an eye out for the #BrynsLoveBomb photos on instagram. You can follow my instagram feed by clicking on the camera icon on the left of this blog :)

I also wanted to share my little knitting progress... I know its not much but I am proud of myself lol. I also wanted to share my hat photo displays. these are Styrofoam balls covered in paper mache and then covered in Mod Podge. I then used wooden dowels and a base to give different heights.


  1. You've done great things Kim :)for me knitting is not difficult but I hate to do it. :) Your colours look great
    I've been in with you in the yarn bomb and your bomb is so amazing <3 . I love the way your wreath looks at the lion.
    Hope a lot of people get aware of our yarn bombing campain and why it was done.
    Have a great sunny sunday.
    greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks Dorthe for stopping by. I was wondering what part of Germany are you from? My mother-in-law is from Austria, she lives next door and was over here earlier talking crochet with me. She has been crocheting from the time she was young but has a hard time trying to teach me...That is one of the reasons I wanted to learn so when she tells me something I understand her better :)


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