A Little Catch Up

I have not posted in a while. I deleted my previous post because honestly it make me cry each time I saw it. I have finsihed some projects since the last post. The scarf below is wonderful. It is from Melissa Grice.

You can find it http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hooded-scarf-with-cat-ears-cat-scoodie
I used a soft yarn called Marble chunky by James C Brett ... as much as I love this yarn and all its softness it was not the best for this project. I will probably remake this one day but use I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby... it seems to hold is shape more.  I did not make the ears for the simple fact I know this yarn could not stand up like they should.

 I have also been working on a curtain for my kitchen. We have this huge half circle window above the sink and as much as I love looking out of it the amount of sun that pours in from it heats up the kitchen. I want some to cover the top part and filter some of the sun allowing light to come in yet keeping the kitchen a lot cooler.I will be posting some more pictures on this blogs Facebook page Monday. Once I get it completed I will do a How to. Its a learning process... :)

I also have been making more cat toys below is one of the mice I made. I did not have a pattern for it and surprised it came out as good as it did, I used Red Heart Yarn Super Saver Cameo in Dress Blues. The owl bag is something I cam up using Red Heart Yarn as well. I used Red Heart Chocolate for the body with a combination waffle stitch, DC, SC, and Slip stitches. This is my pattern and sad to say I have not written it down yet... I was just playing around and made it. I am trying to win the Red heart Yarn giveaway. You can see my entry and vote on it here..... https://www.facebook.com/redheartyarns?sk=app_321922377880728&app_data=sp372297-item-42343

I hope you all have a Happy Yarnie Memorial Weekend!!