Spring Fever

I love Spring...well I love the season not the yellow powdery pollen that plagues the world causing water eyes and itchy noses. Each spring all the pretty little flowers pop up as to say hello... and every spring I get the urge to take on a new project. Most of these projects deal with cleaning out everything! Currently my project is the homeschool room/ craft room. I am starting with my yarn storage. I have shown my yarn storage before but those of you who are new to this blog here it is.

Ok its cute right.. I love the bright colors. However look closely. You can see that I am almost out of room in some of the colors. This picture was taken a couple months ago... the red, green, blue and purples are full at this point so I need something that is bigger. I can add more crates but the more you add the more wobbly they get. However as much as I would love to go to my local Ikea store(which I do not have lol) I am on a tight budget. I have under $100. My solution is the $27 bookcase from Walmart. They are pretty sturdy and we already have some in there with books on them so they will match. They only have 5 shelves though, so I am getting two set on the 5 shelves and one set of the 3 shelf system. I am using the shelves and cutting the boards on the 3 shelf to add more shelf to the larger ones. So far I only have one big and one small waiting on some extra money from the honey to get the other one. I can not wait to get this done.

Speaking of the "Clean out Organize project in the school room I moved around my desk area and now have a Whole bookcase dedicated to my crafts. I have a shelf for some books that I have been getting. I will share the books on here as I get them but you also can see them on my Amazon link on the left side of the page. On of my new book- magazine loves is Simply Crochet. I love how they send a little gift with each months edition. They have lovely ladies that are extremely helpful working for them. Living on the states I get the magazines later than others. I have got issue 1-5. The last issue 5 had a little kit to make a Flower Broach. It came with the yarn, clasp and a plastic hook! I added a 3 layer of flowers to mine and paired it with a vintage shell button for some summer shimmer. I think it came out well and love the button on it. I have other projects to share later this week but to day I must work on them some more... Happy Hooking Friends and have a Blessed Day!


  1. wow, looks great...my yarn is in tubs, no room here for anything..
    have a lovely weekend..


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