My Little Getaway Room

cool art a block from out hotel when we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium!
If you know anything about me you that we have been doing Homeschool preschool with our son. This coming year we had to choose to continue to Homeschooling him or send him to a public school. It has been a hard decision and originally we planned to Homeschool him all the way through. However after many conversations and talking to him we decided to send him to public school. We are blessed to live in a very rural area and his school is less than 5 minutes away. We are also Blessed that it is the school my hubby graduated from and know knows most the teachers since they went to school with him. I think that also helped make our decision. Since we have decided to send him to public school our once school room is becoming more of my craft room with a homework room flare lol. I still plan on doing preschool with our youngest in there but am trying to make it more of a place for me than them.

So here is what I have going on so far.....

what you see when you walk in the room...
my acrylics and scrapbooking in purple drawers
its two of the 5 shelf bookcases from walmart they are $28 each then I bought a 3 shelf one $15 and used the shelf in it... I scremed screws in to where I wanted them. I also cut the side boards to make shelves from them.
my cotton in the white bins and wool in gray plastic thing

my left over cakes..and crochet hooks

top shelf buttons, clay tools, then knitting needles, eyes are jar with green lid, other supplie like stitch markers etc, then books magazines, then fabric and bottom shelf (not shown) current scrapbook project and other books

close up of needles shelf


  1. Isn't it nice to have your own craft space? I just love my little yarn room!

    1. I wish it was just mine but it also acts as the "school room" that I will be doing preschool in with our youngest and "homework room" for our oldest you starts Kindergarten this year.


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