The Debate!

I have noticed that in the Fiber World there is some cut throat competition. There is the big debate of Susan Bates vs Boye hooks.... Then there is the even bigger debate that is talked about behind Crochet or Knit? Oh my it is crazy! I have heard of loyal yarn stores being slightly rude to the crocheter's out there and I actually got to witness it first hand. I was in a little used book/yarn shop in Tennessee. the store was old and looked it. It was a dismay of books, papers and yarns piled everywhere. When I walked in I was greeted by a little Yorkie that snapped at me then I met the owner. She was older and spinning so lovely yarn, she paused looked up and said "Do you knit" I was like a deer in the headlights... I always buckle under these circumstances. I replied I was getting into knit and enjoyed it  but mostly crocheted at the time... whew She then without moving from her wheel asked me question about where I was from and what I was looking for etc. She seemed ok with me maybe because she had family that lived in the same town as I was in. There was nothing in her store that was priced and I had to dig through yarn on a table to find something that caught my attention. the entire time she was talking she seemed bothered and not excited about me buying from her. When I got back to our hotel room I looked up the reviews on the store and there is was others who were not so trilled by customer service. which brings me to the topic of the day.....

Have you ever been persecuted because you were a knitter or crocheter? Was it in a yarn store? Festival? Whats your local yarn store like?

I also want to add I am Blessed to have two yarn stores within 20-30 minutes of my home that are very nice and helpful to those who Knit and Crochet... I LOVE THEM!!  They are   and


  1. I'm bistitchual as someone on reddit once said. I like them both for different reasons.

    Crochet is great for creating bulk, amigurumi, and general stash busting projects. I've been using it to make some pillow covers recently.

    Knitting can create some amazing textures and generally uses less yarn then crochet does, so I tend to use it when I'm trying to do a project with a limited amount of yarn.

    I've never personally been singled out for one or the other. Mostly people want to know how to do both.

    And then there's the tunisian crocheters who technically are the bridge between the two!

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    2. I agree, I love both as well and as I learn more in knitting I somewhat enjoy it more not sure why. I love the points you made regarding which is better for what....For some reason knitting and nice yarn goes hand in hand to me since the skeins and hanks tend to get smaller the higher grade yarn and Kitting uses less yarn :)


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