Which would you choose?

The Interchangeable Challenge!

I am in the market for a set of interchangeable knitting needles. There are so many out there but there are two brands I have it narrowed down too. I purchased a sampler pack from my local yarn store that contained a Knit Picks Harmony, Nickel, Zephyr and cable. I love how pretty the Harmony needles are the Nickel ones seem really sturdy and the Zephyr are great with darker yarns. The problems I have with them is they are not labeled for size. This to me could get real annoying real fast. I am also interested in the Knitter's Pride. I am hoping to pick up one of those this week so I can get idea what they are all about... Do you have any input you would like to add.... Leave a comment telling me if you have tried any of them and if so how do you feel like them.

I also wanted to share you my current home for my circular needles. These are all fixed needles and I have them sized. They are hanging on binder rings which can be found here. The binder rings are hanging from a wire I have on my wall...its set up like a little clothes line.. hey its a craft/sewing room so it works. I do not have a lot of circular needles I got all these from an ebay lot.
Here are the Dreamz Hooks I am wanting to try.