From the Machine

As my love for the Fiber Art grows so does my interest in the tool that will help improve and make me fall in love with yarn even more. I have spent time on #Etsy and #Pinterest and have seen all the cute little project bags that people are making. Now mine are not as "cool" and do not have the designer fabric as theirs but they do function like the others and mine were free...  I already owned the fabric, machine, ruler and other needles tools to make them. The only thing I have to do is find the draw string cord. currently I am using ribbon and it does not do as good so I would not suggest it but hey it works so why not. I made three bags.... I plan on making more, since I love my sewing machine. The machine I have is the Brother Sq9050 you can find out about it here. I did not pay the 299.99 though mine was cheaper than that... Anyways looking at the bag lets talk sizes. I am getting into Knitting and love it and want something to hold my larger needles and the WIP. So looking at the photo in the top right corner the wavy 70's fabric is my largest bag. It 16x8x8.  You can see in the picture it is lined in brown silky material to keep from anything sticking or snagging. I added one tall pocket to held the needles and a small pocket on the other side to hold stitch markers etc.
Inside the wavy one

 The white with pink flowers in my middle size one. It is also lined in a pink silky fabric. It has one pocket inside. I did the this one last and decided to add a handle since I wanted to give it a try. I love this little bag.. It measures 12x10x5. It along with the wavy bag has a square bottom. They are the hardest to make but not even really hard. I wish I had a pattern but I don't I did manage to find a method that is similar an it can be seen on Youtube. The handle is not on the video neither is the pockets.  :/ Sorry...

Last but not least the floral paisley one. In the top photo it is the one on the far right. It is the easiest to make. Just cut a long rectangle from you fabric then make button holes at all four corners (save room to seam it up) fold, sew up seams and trim...This one is around 11x11. This is the one I will make more of since it is the type I will use more often and are super fast to make. I lined it as well and like the others currently has ribbon draw strings which are not ideal.


Well There are mu bags that  I made this week.. I have also been working on some more donation squares and will be mailing the last one off this week. 

My current WIP is my curtain again. I had to put it on hold due the family stuff and all the donation squares but I have to get this thing done the sun is toasting up my kitchen more and more every day..