OK let me just say that man has this year flown by. We are in August already and summer is soon coming to an end. To many this is somewhat depressing... However for me I am celebrating! See my oldest who is 5 will be attending Kindergarten this year. We were plan on homeschooling him all his school years but he is one of those children that really thrive in a group. He is a natural leader and almost needs that in his daily routine. He loves being around other kids and I think he will do well. We are lucky to have the school minutes away which makes me feel a little better about sending him out into the world. This week has been a mixture of emotions for me though getting supplies together getting him into the "routine". Tonight we have orientation. I am going to be honest and admit I am getting a little nervous - I am not sure why.

I am still working on my "Honey Cowl". I am also still slowly working on the TMNT for Aiden's birthday. I have decided I will focus on it when he starts back to school that way I do not have to worry about him seeing it. I also CO on the "Dave Beanie"  for my hubby. I did finish the "Woodside Hat" the other day by Lion Brand I did not make it as big as suggested and it fits my son perfectly. I used the Lion Brand Hometown USA in Little Rock Granite. The yarn is super soft but did split easy. I also had a lot of yellow spots that I had to cut out which drives me crazy. I managed to catch them all except for one. I did not see it till I almost finished the hat and it just sits there and laughs at me... The spot does not bother me as much as my seam turned out it is horrendous but the hat still will be loved by my son. The seam does not look that bad when its being worn. Oh i also wanted to mention the fabric from the combo of the yarn and stitches produced a very squishy soft hat that will be very warm when the weather gets cold. See the yellow AHHH.. I tried to pull out the yellow fibers but it did not work.

 I also wanted to share some of the things I have picked up in the last week. I got a Ball of On Your Toes, Encore, a Nova size 8 needle, 5 balls of  Fibranatura Oak which I plan on making a shawlette with. I also picked up a ball of  Wisdom Yarns Marathon Socks in the North Pole color. I want to make me a pair of cute winter socks from it.

 I have also been busy making project bags. The three laying down are drawstring bags. They are basic but some of my favorite. All of my bags have pockets in them. The ant print is the only Japanese knot bag I made. The pattern can be found here. The other bags are a combination of pattern/videos I have seen on YouTube and the web that I have "redone" to fit what I needed.

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